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In 1978, when when i visited my own home, St lucia, upon an 18 yrs. layoff, I was initially obsessed, in relation to the thing many of us name ‘Jelly Coconut’. That is normally while the actual nut is young. At that time period the nut is actually green & most of us cut’s spoons […]

Coconut germinating

About Coconut Oil 1

General Unrefined Coconut Oil is also known as organic coconut oil, unrefined coconut oil or pure coconut oil. It has not gone through a process of hydrogenating the final product. As an end result, the unprocessed oil is a a lot healthier option than alternative types of coconut oils. There are those that assert unrefined […]

How to extract cannabis oil using coconut oil. 0

Cannabinoids dissolve poorly in water. The vegetable fat of the coconut makes it a lot easier. I use a set of “Bain Marie” pans. That’s two pans that fit into each other. The bottom pan; only gets water. In the top one; I melt 200 grams of coconut oil and add 20 grams of decarboxylated […]