25 thoughts on “??????? ??????????? virgin coconut oil

  • mad4bike

    y need2use gloves?wen u make ur food? do u use gloves?guess not.these ppls r all like family so no need gloves.food taste more good without gloves or spoon,fork+knife.nice channel but cant understand. please add eng subtl.thnx

  • realbitchndiva

    wow? thanks to them we have extra virgin coconut oil!

    i’m so grateful

    godbless these people!

  • duncannaz

    wow..didnt know so much effort goes into making coconut oil! they work really hard. god bless? them ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ragigyp

    Indian virgin coconut oil has a tan tint to it; the American coconut oil that I use seen at 8:08 is white when melted or heated? up. Why is that?

  • ragigyp

    Coconut oil promotes hair growth and stops hair fall. But if used on the face like? the woman in the video at 8:19, will it cause facial hair growth as well?

  • Barbaragolden

    That was awesome!!! thanks to this hard workers we can have coconut oil in a bottle from a supermarket…
    Blessed them? be!!

  • dsamaiable

    @ragigyp No, this is why Indians use coconut oil on? the baby in the video. They use coconut oil on babies the same way westerners use baby oil.

  • MrJromantico

    I think they were using deep vocabulary. At least the music sounded? good. Rythm of the falling rain. Hehhehehe. Reminds me of the Cascades.
    Noneless, the video is great.

  • tyler5055

    The place is KERALA state India. Language Malayalam.? This is how poor women there have a chance to make a living.

  • tyler5055

    The place is KERALA state India. Language Malayalam. This is how poor women there have a chance to make a living.They make $1.5 for 8 hours of work. In india men and women are paid different wages for labour.
    You can just live by with a dollar a? day (rs 50) in kerala,
    Virgin coconut oil is also made in large scale.

  • REISM1

    i love to see the Ancient methods still in effect!! Does Anyone know the Name of the Ancient round pots they use? And Can they be purchased in the Usa… any? any state?

  • selfidentity1

    Iยดm southern european, have a yellowish white dry skin, and so far the coconut oil is the only anti wrinkle that works. All the counter products do nothing, a bit strange. this? stuff is a bit disgusting though.

  • MrSaijujose

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