?How To Apply Coconut Oil? | Grow Long, Healthy Hair and Repair Damaged Hair

When people ask me how I grow my hair so long, this is what I tell them I use! Coconut oil is like a miracle worker!…

18 thoughts on “?How To Apply Coconut Oil? | Grow Long, Healthy Hair and Repair Damaged Hair

  • Jenna Myers

    Oh my gahhhh! You’re just so prettay and I wanna be just like you one day!
    You are the most coolest person in WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. 😉 ?

  • Zizi Khan

    Using coconut and mustard oil is cultural thing for us… Its a must for
    us! Good for all hair types, and for men n women.. N i find mustard oil to
    be better than coconut oil! Both oil are found at Pakistani and Indian
    stores and local stores too i believe!

  • AskVivi 1

    Thanks for sharing! I love coconut oil, it really helps my hair but it’s a
    bit heavy at times so I tend to use argan oil more. Specifically the pro
    naturals brand of argan oil, don’t know if you’ve tried it.?

  • Minuette

    I have a question.I have thick straight hair that comes to my collar
    bone.After 1-2 days it gets oily and I have an itchy scalp.Any advice.?

  • Minuette

    I washed my hair today.I used Tresseme Extra Moisture Shampoo,Suave
    Naturals Coconut Conditioner 2x more moisturizing,I combed through my
    hair.Then sprayed Suave Kids Detangling Spray onto my hand and rubbed it on
    from the middle to my ends then gently patted my scalp and combed through
    my hair again then wrapped it in a towel.I am now waiting an hour and am
    going to take my hair down then let it dry the rest of way. ;)?

  • Minuette

    I took my hair down and my hair is amazingly soft and it is gorgeous.I am
    satisfied with the results.I will leave it how it is for the rest of the
    night and braid it before I go to bed.In the morning I will spray a heat
    protectant in my hair and straighten it then spray a shine gloss on it and
    go. ;)?

  • inwardbeauty

    My hair seems to have stopped growing longer at about my upper waist but it
    keeps getting thicker, any advice on how to get it to grow longer faster??

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