? Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil ?

Hey guys! Thanks for watching!=) EXPAND FOR USES AND MORE INFO BELOW! ? JUICY BRACELET GIVEAWAY IS OPEN UNTIL MAY 13TH- CLICK HERE FOR GIVEAWAY VIDEO=) www.youtube.com PRETTY PLEASE (with a cherry on top) CHECK OUT MY OTHER CHANNELS!=) ? MY COMEDIC CHANNEL=) www.youtube.com ? ASK NIKKI www.youtube.com ? TWITTER- twitter.com ? FACEBOOK- www.facebook.com ? DAILYBOOTH- dailybooth.com ? BLOGTV- www.blogtv.com ?? SOME of the ways I use coconut oil! ?? 1. Body moisturizer 2. Hair mask 3. Sooth rashes 4. Eye Make-Up remover 5. Internal hydration

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    23 thoughts on “? Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil ?

    • Indiegirlful

      Are you familiar with Argan oil or Jojoba oil? If you are, you should do similar viodes on those too, because this was super helpful!

    • alamoxo

      when you remove your eye makeup, does it leave a film on your eyes? I used to use baby oil to remove makeup and more recently, jojoba oil and I find that they blur my vision for a little while after I use it, not so much the jojoba oil, but the baby oil definitely did ????????

    • blackbear52able

      I heard coconut oil is still pretty controversial on whether it’s beneficial or bad since it’s a saturated fat. I read that it’s better than butter, but olive oil is still much healthier. Hey Nikki, I really recommend the Nutrition Diva from quickanddirtytips(dot)com. She has a couple of posts on coconut oil and lots of other nutrition topics. She also does a weekly podcast.

    • lyaogirl

      ahh! now i feel like buying it even more!!
      so many great uses out of one product!
      do they only sell it at whole foods?

    • megankelly22

      i have coconut oil randomly at my house you inspired me to use it thank you plus your supper beautiful <3

    • NikkiPhillippi

      @blackbear52able unfortunately EVERYTHING seems to be contraversal nowadays …hahahah but ya- thanks for the info!! ill check her out!!=)

    • WOAHdreammBIG

      recently i’ve been interested in using natural ingredients as replacements for moisturizers/hair masks/ etc. so this helped! do you think you could make a video talking about jojoba oil? (:

    • alyssabcd

      Can you record a video about chemically straightening your hair? I’ve been researching a lot about it, but it would be nice to hear experiences/reviews from an actual person :]

    • underwaterbreather42

      I LOVE coconut oil =) it’s good for cooking as well =) replace the high calorie butter with the coconut oil although sometimes it makes your food taste like coconut oil depends on how much you use I guess

    • maderoninoodles

      hey guys please check out my new channel 🙂 subscribe and you’ll make me super happy

    • kass525

      Also! ALL coconut oil is “organic”, it isnt a FDA approved product. Just so u know 🙂 that way u won’t get ripped off buying a $20 “organic” oil instead of a $10 regular-but-still-organic oil

    • slh8844

      @blackbear52able this is my opinion as my passion is nutrition but saturated fat is not bad for you. at all. olive oil isnt as good as they say it is. we get way too many polyunsaturated fats in our diet. also when olive oil is heated up its destroyed and causes free radicals in the body. thats why coconut oil is a good choice because it has a high heating temp. dont be afraid of sat. fats. just watch out for veg. oils/all refined foods. btw im not saying olive oil is bad its just way too hyped

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