?BEAUTY ON A BUDGET-Coconut Oil (5 Uses)?

I found my coconut at Whole Foods for about . Let me know your favorite way to use coconut oil in the comments below. =) I’ve obviously asked my physician …

25 thoughts on “?BEAUTY ON A BUDGET-Coconut Oil (5 Uses)?

  • Girly23Glam

    when i put coconut oil on my hair i legit use a 1/4 cup until my hair is
    saturated. i ? it. i jusy have to shampoo it out a few times. TRY IT!

  • FancyDress21

    could you please do a video on the eye area – should we use only eye cream
    on it, should we put our facial sunscreen on it, should we put the eye
    cream on the eyelids too, how to take care of it, etc. please please please

  • missyjp94

    Love the “Beauty on a Budget!” Since I’m a college student, it’s hard to
    find inexpensive but good-quality ways for skin treatment, lotion, etc.
    Great video πŸ™‚

  • writinwater87

    I have really curly hair and using coconut oil as a treatment overnight or
    even for a few hours is a LIFE SAVER! πŸ™‚

  • Patty Liu

    I just started using coconut oil as face moisturizer. I used up my estee
    lauder moisturizer and picked up a coconut oil because i was a little bit
    tight on money. To my surprise, It works just as well

  • Miss Fely

    Great video! Coconut oil has so many benefits, it’s truly a beauty life
    saver for anyone on a budget. My favorite way to use it is as a scrub.
    Check out my blog response LeFashionBeauty. com Thanks!

  • hellomynameis688

    I would be really careful ingesting coconut oil. I did and it really hurt
    my stomach and came out the wrong end. I personally don’t think its the
    best thing to do. But if you want to make sure your container is clean, so
    you’ve never put your hands in it or a dirty spoon. And I would ease into
    ingesting it, start with only a little at a time. Also I find that it clogs
    my pores. But its good for hair.

  • ThePearsalls

    My girlfriend uses it as a diaper cream, her baby has never experienced
    yeast or diaper rash of any kind! I use it after I wash my face, I apply a
    thick layer in the shower and pat dry when I’m out.

  • Ashley Hobar

    you can even use it to brush your teeth!! it is antibacterial, antifungal,
    and antiviral. good stuff πŸ™‚

  • ilikeitspicy22

    I mix a tablespoon of it with 2 tablespoons of vanilla greek yogurt, it’s
    delicious and I don’t even like coconut!

  • Alicia Urbano

    I bought the organic virgin coconut oil for my hair while being pregnant
    but read online about all the uses great great for your body I love it
    honestly my husband and I are obsessed with it. Also after having my baby I
    didn’t lubricant anymore like before and I read that the coconut oil can be
    use as a lubricant and omg honestly I love it it’s all natural and it’s
    smells great so just imagine lol try it married couples πŸ™‚

  • alm42286

    I think the recommendations for topical use are great, but I’m not so sure
    about ingesting if. I put a tablespoon in my tea and am now having horrible
    nausea and stomach pains. Has anyone else experienced this??

  • ????littlebitalovin????

    Ahhh these were such great ideas!! I never thought about using coconut oil
    as a shaving cream or makeup remover!!!! ???????????? totally trying that soon! ?

  • Penny Person

    I give it to my dogs! my pups are very finicky eaters so I mix it with
    their food and they love it. it’s also very good for them….I’ve noticed
    that their hair grows thicker and shinier. warning: only give them a little
    bit at a time. if you give to much too soon, they could have….digestive
    problems. ?

  • runtosunnydays

    I love using it on my eyelashes at night with a mascara tester wand/clean
    mascara wand to remoisturize them because mascara dries out your eyelashes.?

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