? 172 ? Coconut Oil & Dandruff

??•??•???•??•???•??•?CLICK FOR MORE INFO?•??•???•??•???•??•?? What’s up Home Skillets! Well first I wanted to say sorry for the late upload…but better late than never right? Haha! In this video I will talk about the properties of coconut oil and how it fights against dandruff and hair loss. ? QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ? – Where can I get coconut oil?? I get my coconut oil from WalMart in the vitamin section for about . You can also find coconut oil at the Vitamin Shoppe for around . Info found on: www.organicfacts.net www.coconut-oil-central.com ??? Have a video idea? Send me a personal message here on YT with your suggestion and it just may get created into a video!!! ??? ?•???•? My Website: www.MsVBlogs.com OR http ?•???•? BUSINESS INQUIRIES MsVcharles@yahoo.com ? Thank you for all your support Home Skillets! ? DISCLAIMER: All products featured in this video were purchased by myself. I do not work for any of the companies or products mentioned. All opinions expressed are of my own.

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    25 thoughts on “? 172 ? Coconut Oil & Dandruff

    • LadyMika42

      @CetteBelleChevelure? Wow! I had no idea coconut oil can instigate a latex allergy! The more you know! =)

    • NaturalNoni

      You hittin it on the nail, I love castor oil but I loooove Organic Extra? Virgin Coconut too! Smell yummy, cools my scalp, great as a prepoo but not to seal for my hair. My huur loves castor oil to seal and coconut oil for scalp massage and overnight prepoo or hot oil treatment!

    • gilchristb1

      you can also get coconut oil, u? kno in hair grease form lol at Dollar Tree! Everythings a Dollar!! 🙂 also quick ? do you know a good oil to reduse stretchmarks? That would be great!! Thanks Mrs. V!!

    • dimple88th

      @gilchristb1 The coconut oil in the $.99 store? is not pure coconut oil. It has about 10% coconut oil and the rest with petroleum and other things. Vitamin E oil is good for reducing the look of stretch marks (not removing) and Palmers coco butter (Vitamin E again)

    • seygra20

      @AfroTee Yea! coconut oil is not solid in tropical climates, it always liquid. Even when you buy it in the store? by the time you reach home it is liquid. So it is kind of weird to see people on youtube using coconut oil like a cream or pomade lol

    • seygra20

      Should also note that whilst pure coconut oil contains mostly saturated fats, the fatty acids found in it are short and medium chain which makes it easy to digest and assimilate by the body unlike saturated fats found in foods from animals. For this reason it has anti-fungal & antiviral properties. Hence the reason it is a key? source of energy when treating patients with advance stages of AIDS.

    • peepla7

      I will watch your vids FOR….EV….ER! Hahaha you are very entertaining. Even when you go over info I? already know…its never boring here. And your curls are announcing themselves today. Gorgeous.

    • YmerDemi

      Is it suppose to smell, like strong? The moment you open it the smell hits you strong? Works? well for my hair but the smell is too nutty… I think. Welp.

    • MsVcharles

      @mizshiningstar? Some use it and other dont. I personally dont use products containing mineral oils. I choose to use only natural and organic products (but not only for my hair…I also eat organic foods as well).

      This is something that is entirely up to the individual.

    • MsVcharles

      @YmerDemi I personally love coconut (Trini gyal!…lol). I tend to? get a lot of compliments when I walk past people and they get a wiff of it. The smell is similar to Kinky Curly Knot Today and the Shea Moisture products,

    • MsVcharles

      @seygra20 Yes, I actually had that info as well as a lot more but I decided to edit it out…I didnt want to over do it with the? info. But now I wish I would have added it in…haha. Thank you for your comment. I may add the rest of the info in the description box.

    • kcat200

      @mizshiningstar I stay away from it because it supposedly clogs the hair follicle and coats the hair strand? preventing moisture from penetrating the strand.

    • MsVcharles

      @gilchristb1 I totally agree with dimple88th. The products that are found at the dollar tree are? not 100% pure or organic. The info Im providing is for pure, organic coconut oil.

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