012:|:The benefits of coconut oil

Coconut Oil has been proven by experiment to be an effective pre-shampoo treatment, that prevents hair breakage that can occur during detangling.When hair is wet, it is very fragile, combing and brushing can do some damage to the hair resulting in protein loss. This is the link to the source of the info provided in this video journal.scconline.org I have a post about this on my blog if you are interested , here is the link tinukewilson.blogspot.com Pls feel free to message me if you have any questions Pls check out my makeup channel www.youtube.com

17 thoughts on “012:|:The benefits of coconut oil

  • zainab2144

    YEA!!!!(LOL) I ‘ve been doing just as you’ve stated for a while now, with the coconut oil. And a bit of aloe juice. I love it, and since watching you informational video, and reading the link you’ve given. It’s nice to know I’m doing the right thing.

    Thanks for sharing this? , Tinuke. Take care.


  • atinawaya

    It’s nice to know that it is working for you as well.? Thanks for watching and commenting Zainab.

  • PrincessAnthea1

    This is very true. I put olive oil or coconut oil on my hair and let it sit with a plastic cap for a few hours before I wash and it make my hair a whole lot stronger when I wash? and comb my hair it really works, especially if you have chemically treated/damaged hair.

    Thanks for sharing…

  • temickab

    I bought some coconut oil? from a black hait store in east london. It says 100% pure coconut oil but there is 1 ingrediant that says zutaten… will that affect my hair in a negative way?

  • nerdynap

    I’m not familiar with that ingredient perhaps it’s a preservative? Only way to insure that you are getting %100 pure coconut oil is to purchase from a health? food store or co-op. Sorry i don’t have more info for you.

  • rosegorgeous

    Hi there,
    Please speak? louder when making your videos. Otherwise, very informative.

  • Play3tt3

    I have NO idea how to properly store my? coconut oil that I purchased from a health foods store. If i put it in the fridge and leave it, it gets too hard. If i put it in the cubbard it turns to liquid. PLEASE HELP!! 🙂

  • atinawaya

    Hi there,
    You can store it at room temperature. It is okay for your oil to be liquid, that way,? you can measure the amount you need for use

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