10 Reasons To Drink Raw Coconut Vinegar

Coconut Vinegar – Drink for optimal health. 10 reasons to start your day with coconut vinegar. 1. 17 Amino Acids 2. Minerals 3. Vitamin C 4. Broad-spectrum B…

25 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Drink Raw Coconut Vinegar

  • CityofDestiny

    I usually start my day with cold herbal tea. I do drink an apple-cider
    vinegar beverage each day, and would like to try a less-acidic substitute
    from time to time. It seems like, for coconut vinegar, that tree sap is
    used. (This as opposed to the fruit for ACV). I am just trying to figure
    out how sustainable this process is… Your thoughts??

  • Mandy H

    I took a straight shot of this and it was so awful lol!! I will mix it with
    some water next time and hopefully it won’t be so bad. Thanks for the
    video! :D?

  • N-gin Griffith

    Thanks for sharing, looks like I have a new morning wake me up other than
    Also saw the apple cider, and lemon video, :thumb up:?

  • Marguerite Farrell

    Is there anything you guys know of that helps with chronic pain? I am
    pretty desperate. Thanks?

  • tesla121

    I start my day off with this exact same product. Convinced two friends at
    work to drink it twice daily, as well.?

  • Milosz Ostrow

    Neutral pH? Pure water has a pH of 7.00 — that’s neutral. So, coconut
    vinegar tastes like coconut-flavored water? This makes no sense

  • artsynova

    I really like your videos but, please shorten the cartoon intro, is such
    a… just too long.?

  • SgtFitnessOnline

    So what if you blend coconut vinegar, apple cider vinegar, & lemon water?
    Will this create a super drink, or will the ingredients work against each

  • IntoBlackHouse

    I mean, I really wouldn’t say it’s delicious, refreshing, or mild. Nobody
    that’s telling the truth would say that it’s tasty. It tastes and smells
    like vinegar, plain and simple, due to the acetic acid. The only reason one
    would force it down their throats would be for the health benefits. I had
    to dilute it in lots of mango juice.


  • Kamila Straker

    I start my day with “fake” coffee (chicory root, rye, barley, sugar beet
    root) and heavy cream. ?

  • Rock Star Marketing

    Is raw coconut vinegar good for you? Apparently so. Check it out. 10
    Reasons To Drink Raw Coconut Vinegar?

  • Monterey Family Chiropractic

    Is raw coconut vinegar good for you? Apparently so. Check it out. 10
    Reasons To Drink Raw Coconut Vinegar?

  • B. David

    What drink do I start my day off with….I start work at 5 am and fast till
    2 pm at which time I consume either a carrot juice that I juice or a
    mixture of parsley, ginger, apple, pear and my favorite cilantro…?

  • apachewolfscout

    Great vids, I’ve enjoyed three of them so far! I’m to see if my local
    health store has this coconut vinegar as it sounds superb!
    I often start my day right now with Black Mustard Seeds soaked overnight
    in 100 mil or so, all, you know, quarter, half cup, of water. This
    plant/these seeds are held in IMMENSLY high esteem/regard in certain areas
    traditionally. Black seed oil, is seen as a cure for just about everything
    according to some traditional sources!
    Otherwise I have a couple of cups of tea with goats milk, because I
    actually like it! Dang! That does count for SOMETHING you know! Have a
    great New Year and 2015 and thanks once agin for your vids!?

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