10 Uses for Coconut Oil (Beauty Secret!)

I’m in love with the Coco! — Coconut oil that is. 😉 Today I’m sharing 10 uses for coconut oil. The deeper I’m digging into my research, the more shocked I …

24 thoughts on “10 Uses for Coconut Oil (Beauty Secret!)

  • Alondra E

    Use it as lotion to help increase sun tolerance and avoid burning

    Helps with allergies! Rub thing layer inside nose

    Reduces itchy insect bites(great for summer time)

  • Faizal Jamali

    dab your ring finger with coconut oil and apply to your lashes making it
    looking fuller and longer?

  • Hope Desire

    I subbed yesterday, and I do not regret it! You are so funny! Hahaha!! All
    the best. I hope you get really big! Stay humble xx ?

  • Aroosah1

    I use it as a body moisturiser and put it on my lashes overnight to soften
    them and make them look thicker?

  • midwestbeautybabe

    This is awesome!! I love your personality Sazan!! 🙂

    I’m having a giveaway on my channel! xo?

  • fromhatstoheels

    hahahaha cannot believe that i only just started watching your videos. I am
    a huge fan of your outfits (always check you on insta), and since you’ve
    been putting short clips on instagram, you made me curious. Well, you are
    hilarious. Looove your videos and great tips btw! xoxo?

  • guguilicious

    It’s also great as a moisturizer for the entire body, it will give your
    skin a nice healthy but subtle glow. ?

  • Cristal Nuno

    Good tips.???? there’s so many it’s ridiculous lol I know you can also use it
    as deodorant. Found that tip on Pinterest. ?

  • EasyMakeupBy Lux

    I love coconut oil!! I use it as a night-time eye cream and it has really
    made a difference :)?

  • jack calderon

    Coconut oil comedogentic oil. meaning it will clog your pores I wouldn’t
    use it as a moisturizer I know it is smoothing but it will clog your pores
    thus leading to breakout. If you use it as an exfoliator, or makeup remover
    fine…but just don’t let it stay on your face. It has to be washed off.?

  • Solin T.

    I always slightly warm up my coconut oil and add almond oil to it and use
    it as a hair mask. When the oil is warm, it’s easier for the hair to absorb
    it and it’s also really good for your scalp when you have a really dry
    spots on your scalp. Love what mother nature has provided us with. 😀
    Thanks Sazan, for your tips! :*?

  • Shazia Begum

    Hi, I’ve been using coconut oil in my hair for a while once a week since I
    began my mission to grow my hair. I have to say it has worked wonders to
    the condition of my hair. Once again Sazan thank you my style and beauty

  • Brittany Landers

    Your personality is so magnetic! I literally LOL’d at the song reference in
    the beginning. ?

  • Ashley Riza

    I’ve been using coconut oil melted and mixed with honey as a hair mask once
    a week for the past year and it has made such a difference in the condition
    of my hair.?

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