15 thoughts on “100% Coconut Oil for natural hair

  • kylahsmom1

    I undertand..my girls (3) of them..all have a lot of natural hair..so I undersatnd your excitement:) I but the cooking coconut oil for our hair, so far, so good..but maybe I iwll try a different grade..thanks for the vid 🙂

  • Afrofashionista

    love the video! if you like coconut oil so much, you should check out my tutorial on how to make ur own coconut oil

  • mizchei1

    I love love LOVE coconut oil so I totally understand where you’re coming from. It really leaves my hair soft and gives the shine I love without being super greasy. You and your girls have beautiful hair; will be on the lookout for future vids.


    im putting coconut oil in my hair for the first time right now…. and its like wow my hair is loving this. im using it for weight loss too. i think that you got your oil from tropical traditions. im planning to order a gallon from them . i hear great things about their oils. the oil that im using now is from whole foods. the name is artisana raw extra virgin coconut oil.

  • HCPCarolina

    @BEAUTIFULHAIR3 Hey I actually got my oil from a WONDERFUL website called shea essentials it is personally owned and operated by Ayieta. She provides superior quality products and runs great specials. Giver her a try and let her know hcpcarolina from YouTube sent you ! Thanks for watching and commenting, best wishes!!

  • HCPCarolina

    @Afrofashionista I loved your tutorial but GIRRRRRLLL I tried lol and it was a disaster lol. I can laugh about it now but I was about to scream that day. Hilarious!!

  • 1JustWatching123

    Your Daughters & You are Sooo Beautiful!!! Just Had to say. ^_^

    Your videos are informing. Thank you.

  • HCPCarolina

    @sugarlicious96<<< lol yes they are my eyes lol thanks for watching and the comment!! Don't forget to subscribe 🙂

  • tbrunson99

    The only set back with coconut oil is winter. If it is not mixed with Vitamin E, olive oil, or tea tree oil, as soon as you hit the cold hair the coconut oil will solidify.
    The kiddies are super cute. They both sound like you did when we were in middle school.

  • tanielbatts

    Thank u!! U helped me out alot. I had been thinking about using coconut oil 4 the longest. So how many times do u put it on yo hair,& do u wash it out or just let it stay n. what shampoo do u use. I have a relaxer now, but thinking about going natural. Thanx 4 yo info

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