11 Amazing Reasons To Use Coconut Oil Every Day – Saturday Strategy

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25 thoughts on “11 Amazing Reasons To Use Coconut Oil Every Day – Saturday Strategy

  • robert m.

    Hello drew…one question.. When is it the best time during the day to take
    spirulina? I workout should i drink it after working out??

  • Sam Barrow

    I have a large jar of organic coconut oil in the kitchen, my subconscious
    told me to buy it I’ve not used it much… but will today.?

  • Carrie D

    I try to take coconut oil daily, drink coconut water , use coconut oil on
    my skin and juice daily too, also have green juice powder as back up, Yes
    my life is changing slowly .. Thanks for sharing – i have a coconut & Juice
    passion and hopefully my family will follow eventually :)?

  • Fay S

    Can people who have diabetes use coconut oil instead of sugar in their tea
    or is coconut oil processed sugar??

  • jheyel20

    I’ve only ever used the coconut oil in my pantry to make some vegan cookies
    but now, I know I can use it for other things. Very informative video. Your
    videos has also inspired me to buy a juicer and start juicing. I just need
    to find more recipes. Hehe?

  • Lish Millare

    11! My lucky number! Love coconut oil and it’s benefits! Definitely going
    to try them in my smoothies now:)?

  • jessica napier

    does anyone know a good place where you can get a great deal on good
    quality coconut oil? maybe any websits that will discount on buying a year

  • Jal Layton

    I’m so inspired by you, your story is amazing :). I just ordered 3 cans of
    Green Juice for my daughter and I..can’t wait to get it. I love coconut oil
    and use it for many things, thank you for posting.?

  • Parry Sran

    Hi drew
    I ordered organifi 5 months ago
    No one from customer team seems helping regarding the issue ….I have done
    mails n mails n mails
    I’m sorry for posting this but there’s no other way left
    Please help me out

  • Alex Kareeno

    Has coconut oil helped anyone with their digestion? Less burping, bloating,
    better absorption??

  • Emmett Keenan

    I’ve been using coconut oil for many years, Mary Enig had studied it for
    virus’s and disease’s like HIV but had trouble finding it back then so I
    ordered it from the Philippines, it was cheap back then. I used it
    internally and on my skin and many people thought I smelled weird or would
    tell me that it was bad for me, they would tell me it could cause heart
    attacks if I used it too often. The only thing I don’t like about it being
    the cure of the day is the price has skyrocketed and I wonder now if there
    are going to be unscrupulous people mixing other cheaper oils with the
    coconut oil, much like they do now with olive oil.?

  • R. Iyer

    Yes Sir, Kalpavriksha is the coconut tree. We Indians use coconut oil for
    cooking and for body and hair as you noted. I highly recommend parachute
    coconut oil brand from India. Great video! ?

  • mary rapoza

    love your video’s! Watching with my 11yr old daughter, thanks to your fun
    personality she is really interested in learning to eat healthier and its
    giving me a perfect way to spend quality time with her at an age where they
    start to look at mom as ” totally lame”. We are exercising together and
    having a blast???? . No juicer yet, single mom budget a bit too tight so we
    blend then put it through cheese cloth. Are you still doing the juicer
    giveaways? We are new to this, and trying figure out if that is still going

  • Lars De groot

    I love it. I am using coconut oil for a week or two and Its mindblowing ! I
    had a lot of acne brakeouts and sinds the day that I was using coconut oil
    my skin feels a lot better and the acne is disappeared. Every morning i am
    oil pulling and before I am going to take a shower I rub my skin met coco
    oil, it makes my skin clean and soft.

    I like your channel a lot keep going!


    Sorry for my bad English I am from the Netherlands?

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