17 thoughts on “*11* Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner Product Review

  • Johnna C.

    girl when I get low on product and cant get it out? I cut tht sucker open!
    lol I have to get all the goodies! 🙂 Also a great leave-in

  • Candisias

    i got 4 bottles myself but from the actual website. i got all the scents. i
    shall see how they work. 🙂 great vid. good to know its not all that easy
    to get out once u get to the end. good to know

  • msladynatural00

    That’s a great product. It’s my “EVERY THING” Just to stretch the product,
    I mixed Dessert Essence with a little Tresseme’ Naturals for cowashing and
    deep conditioning. I just started using it as a Leave-In which is the best
    thing I’ve tried thus far! It dissolves so well into the hair and leaves it
    very soft. Next time you get to the bottom, just take some house scissors
    and cut the tube towards the bottom. I just ordered 2 more, plus the
    matching shampoo for after my henna treatments.

  • marquita83

    great review! I know this video is old lol…i’m just now watching it…i
    just purchased this product I didn’t use it yet cant wait to use it!

  • Yt Yta

    It completely dried out my hair. My hair feels hard right after applying
    it. I actually just did a search to see if others were experiencing the
    same thing. I have three of them. I wish I had bought one to try out first.
    It is interesting to see how the same product works for everyone.

  • MsCandyMich

    You’re the first person to not have good results from it, and that just
    proves that no product is perfect! I’ve bought more than one product of
    something I’ve never tried before too and have gotten bad results.

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