23 thoughts on “(13) Vatika Coconut oil and Amla product review

  • TheNaprika

    i saw the liquid one but didn’t buy it because of the paraffinum liquidum. But the green one i really? love it and you are right, it does smell manufactured. you might be having a reaction to one of the ayurvedic ingredients maybe the neem as it is an astringent. I love the amla powder i use it both on my skin, hair and particular in hair conditioning treatments. have u looked into ayurvedic remedies?

  • eabraa

    BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! Can’ quite believe it, and apparently we have it for? the whooooole week!!! LOL

  • TheNaprika

    @WomanInTheJungle neem, amla are to name a few and you can mix the powders up into a treament paste or moisturising spritz. If you want? more info nappynfree has a ton of vids, i have a few. have a look around and see if it is something you’d try, you already do unknowingly! 🙂

  • WomanInTheJungle

    @kuianai 😐 thanks for the knowledge… The cheek of? them to call if Herbal infused coconut oil

  • soursop

    coconut oil makes my scalp itch, but i do this mix of coconut oil and olive? oil, they mix well and turn in too a thick liquid. I only add it to the ends of my hair and completely avoid my scalp

  • sunyd27

    I really like the Vatika oil, especially because it has Neem oil in it. Neem alone smells awful, but in the Vatika its fine. And yeah, I get the itch too so I use it the night before I wash.(parafin liq is mineral oil)?

  • ViergeVraie

    Interesting. Never knew there was another version of Vatika different from what we? get in the states. I like the oil because its a bit gritty if its not melted. Perhaps u could just add the ‘US version’ Vatika on your hair and the Euro version on your scalp. And that Amla oil Im afraid to try because I dont want darker hair. Maybe when I hit 50 and have grays I will try it. Btw, your hair looks very healthy!

  • WomanInTheJungle

    @ViergeVraie Thanks luv, yeah that is the first time I have every seen the one in the blue bottle… The amela also make the? hair very glossy…

  • WomanInTheJungle

    @soursop So do you think it is the coconut oil? I was? think maybe the fragrance? When I get the organic coconut oil I dont get a reaction

  • soursop

    @WomanInTheJungle yes, i was thinking that., but i also have eczema, so im really sensitive to alot of things, but i know for a fact even? using pure organic coconut, my scalp would be on fire, if i apply directly to scalp. my scalp prefers. oil olive. could be fragrance or the mineral oil in the vatika.

  • mphoregoeng

    There are different Dabur Vatika oils. The one you just bought is the Enriched coconut oil which is coconut oil based. The other one you? had is paraffinium liquidium based which is petroleum/paraffin based. You don’t want that, even though it feels good. Great videos. You’re gorgeous!

  • curlycharlybrown

    I have had issues with very itchy scalp for ages! When I did some research I realised it? was due to build-up of products. If it’s itchy I make sure I shampoo more, co-wash less and there is no more itch!

  • WomanInTheJungle

    @curlycharlybrown I think I was having a reaction to the Vatika. As soon as I used it my scalp was itching. I havent used it since and my scalp it find. I have quite? a sensitive scalp and most heavily fragranced products set it off.

  • WomanInTheJungle

    @mphoregoeng Yeah stop using the other one when I realised it wasn’t proper coconut? oil (so deceiving) and thank you for the compliment x

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