19 Beauty Uses for Organic Coconut Oil!

Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil purchased at Sprouts. Follow me on… Twitter: twitter.com Instagram: @BrittneyGray Facebook: www.facebook.com Music by KD *This is not a sponsored video.

25 thoughts on “19 Beauty Uses for Organic Coconut Oil!

  • marilyn2007hendrix

    Hey britt.
    I think your becoming more beautiful everytime i see a new video!
    Anyway i must tell you and the viewers/subscribers that genuine extra virging coconut oil must come in a dark container/dark glass jar ect…WHY?
    Ok basically- im a raw vegan and i got into the miracle and obession of raw coconut oil a few years back, then after research into it and listening to a jamaican dude/natural doctor on a ytube video who is a raw vegan also, talked about? how there is a huge difference……

  • lexxintegra

    Wonderful show, Sista… I liked, faved and shared to my facebook for more to see and hear the wisdom. ? I too do love coconut oil for body-skin care… it’s super stuff :o)
    -Radiant Blessings, as always )O(

  • marilyn2007hendrix

    ….continued………between real raw oils and ones that can be purchased in the store ect i then realised i? needed to go back and recognize what i was previously perchasing!.
    Always buy extra virgin coconut oil in a dark anti sun protected container/glass jar as genuine coconut oil and i think olive oil too ect – will become rancid when expose to sunlight. If the oil is in a container like the one you have aka clear or transparent it is not genuine…..

  • marilyn2007hendrix

    ………..continued……pure product and will have some type of nasty ingreident to keep it going or a few actually.
    Anyway just wanted to let you know as you deserve the best type of oil product just like the rest of the viewers.
    peace n 1? luv. x

  • cyankoneko

    I use coconut oil with some sugar and some honey as a lip scrub rather than baking soda. I find that baking soda can be a harsh sometimes and my lips are fragile,? especially in dry climates or winter weather ;3 I also use it to moisturize my eyelashes sometimes since to help nourish them. Also should I ever run out of moisturizer for my face I’ll use some coconut oil. I generally use a blend of oils for most things though, especially for my hair, or instead of body lotion.

  • sweetzxntharaw

    great video…..but please tell me where can i find that shirt? i been looking all over and no luck? yet.

  • OrionHeights167

    7:40 I bet you have pretty feet. You should give us a pedicure tutorial or a shoe collection video. It’s long over? due.

  • ortizfamily2

    I use this every night for makeup remover. I rub gently over my eyelids and thru my lashes, then use more all over my face until I look like a scary goblin, and then gently wipe off with an organic muslin cloth that’s been run under? warm water and rung out. I used to get milia and little breakouts all the time and this has seriously changed my skin!

  • alexdcool30

    Would you do a tutorial on your hair in this video, if it’s not a curly? hair tutorial u you’ve already done????

  • NiKKey411

    baking soda + cornstarch + coconut oil makes deodorant (scented oils optional). I got the recipe from youtube…same with the diy toothpaste. My teeth come out so clean and they were instantly whiter on the first? use.

  • MulattoMischief

    ur curls look really nice and healthy in this vid! ^^ more curly hair style,and tutorials? please 🙂

  • gorfimus

    I’ve been using coconut oil for the past little while, but more for the health benefits. I usually eat a spoonful straight out of the bottle by itself. Or use it as a butter substitute on toast. Also, I haven’t tried this yet, but I hear it’s supposed to be pretty good to use for cooking with? eggs.

  • summer0892

    it’s also good for? your health if you consume it! i have also used it as a deodorant & makeup remover

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