11 thoughts on “(2) Hmmmmm…..Organix nourishing coconut milk product??

  • amtolliv

    I was starting to believe that I was the only one that experienced this lol…Everyone else seemed to love it.

  • MsProtuber

    I also purchased these products and, i noticed the bottle says to leave in only 3- 5 minutes, then rinse out. So on your next try you could read over the instructions and give it a go.


    i thought it was just me. the coconut oil sham/cond, i had the same results the first time. so i tried it on two or three more times (on wash day) same results!! i did exactly what the instructions said, but this product is not for me!

  • jeandixon00

    I think it may have a little too much protein for relaxed hair. I’ve noticed that the natural girls tend to love it.

  • jgemstone360

    sorry the results were not good for you i use this product and it leaves my hair really soft and moisturized.

  • amtolliv

    @MzVan21 I believe it might be, I don’t have that product anymore, so I am not for sure

  • csmit154

    omg it didnt work for me either!! lol My hair just shrunk up. Maybe its because I have a relaxer

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