235| Product Review: As I Am DoubleButter Cream & Cleansing Pudding

Please check here for answers to your question. Thank you. I love you for watching. In this video I mention my braid out tutorial (youtu.be I also mentioned pics of my twists at night (www.facebook.com I also mentioned my product review on the As I Am Coconut CoWash (youtu.be _____________________________________________________________ Information about my entire look in this video… HAIR – My Hair is a Day 2 twist out using the As I Am Double Butter Cream MAKEUP Lips: MAC Amorous Blush: MAC Plum Foolery Eye shadow: Sephora Palette (4 colors) Eye liner: Be bombshell Onyx Mascara: The balm “what’s your type” black Concealer for highlight: MUFE Full cover 14 Foundation: CoverGirl Queen Collection Q735 soft copper CLOTHES Tiger top: Fashion to Figure JEWELRY Necklace: Fashion to Figure Earrings: Aldo Accessories Bracelets: Rainbow Watch: Hilfiger Visit my website! KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com _____________________________________________________________ A few videos you may want to watch My hair regimen- http How I Pre-Poo – kinkycurlycoilyme.com How I Deep Condition- youtu.be How I do Hot Oil Treatments- youtu.be How I detangle- youtu.be My Post Partum Shedding- youtu.be My Skin Care Secret- kinkycurlycoilyme.com My Styling Tutorials- www.youtube.com _____________________________________________________________ Stay Connected with me Visit my website! KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com Join My Fanpage facebook.com Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com Join me on Instagram BlakIzBeautyful

25 thoughts on “235| Product Review: As I Am DoubleButter Cream & Cleansing Pudding

  • gillotsa

    As thick as my hair is I’d finish that 8oz in two uses!!?
    Its so frustrating that these effective products are so expensive :/

  • BlakIzBeautyful

    2 uses???? you are using wayy too much. I used it for 5 days, adding some each night and I still have a lot left. You don’t need to be? heavy handed and if you apply in sections you can save a lot of product.

  • gillotsa

    lol noooo that was Definitely an exaggeration but the product just does not last long for me! I’ve chosen to stick to? cowashing with homemade ingredients and shampoo twice a month…usually with shea moisture’s shampoo. I like this pudding but its definitely a luxury item for me

  • slpettaway

    OMG the Double Butter Cream is heaven on earth! I was already using the Cleansing Pudding which I really like? but the butter cream is ridiculous. Thank you for the extra push to try it out. We’re getting married!!!!

  • BlakIzBeautyful

    Is your hair really wet? Are you twisting in small enough sections?? Are you using a product with hold? are you allowing your hair to dry?

  • msfitforlifesc

    Hi Jenell thanks so much for your feedback. There’s 2 things that I know I need to do. 1. I need to try another product with enough hold and 2.When I separate my twists I’m not separating them where it naturally separates which I noticed causes frizz. So I’ll let u know my results once I give this a? try!! Thanks again!!

  • BrownieBeautyTalk

    Yay! I love it! I’m a Curly Girl (who is transitioniing,? who is also tired of my heat damaged hair on the left side of my head looking so whack. Soooo I put my twists in and BAM. I used some WEN products (which in my opinion are CG safe) buuut I LOVE AS I AM. Did it make your hair that shiny and healthy/hydrated looking? & how long did that last? I really wanna know cause As I AM is on sale for $1 off. (P.S. SO glad the cowash is like $8. That’s really nice of them!!)

  • Stoneburgerz

    I’d been eyeballing the double butter creme but hadn’t Gerard? anything as far as its performance. I’m big on twistouts so I’ll def be going across the st to Sally’s to cop a jar! Thnx! Keep the reviews coming!

  • Sasheika Tomlinson

    Please please do a review of the twist defining creme. I have used it and it is amazing but I would love the hear your review of it and how it compares to the double butter creme?

  • supersweetsong

    Hey Janelle! Will the shampoo be enough to remove heavy product build up? I usually use all Shea moisture products, but when I want extra hold I turn to Carols daughter healthy hair butter which you might know has? beeswax in it. Right now I just use Suave clarifying shampoo, followed by shea moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shampoo when I have to get rid of product build up…or I will use the shea moisture purification mask followed by shea moisture moisture retention shampoo. Thanks in Advance!!!!

  • Rita Reefer

    I bought the Twist Defining Cream, Double Butter Cream, and the Cowash. I’m learning that I really don’t need the defining cream. The Double Butter Cream does exactly what I need in terms of softening and defining my curl.I use the Cowash, but my hair dries out very quickly, and I’m looking for something to give me that shine. I do appreciate all the advice that you share with your audience, and I will take? your advice about the oil and conditioner.Please continue the tutorials.


  • kvwright729

    The cleansing pudding is all I was my hair with. I’m not into con washing. The cleansing pudding is love. I pre poo when I use it only because it’s faster to wash that way. I’m about to get that double butter cream tho!?

  • takenby2boys

    Dang I should have scooped up the Double Butter Cream before i bought Beautiful Textures butter & curl control. oh well, i guess i will start doing more twist outs on my 5 inches so i can move on to bigger & better things(BT does not give me that firm hold, i’m frizz ball by day 3)…oh by the way, Jenelle, ya lipstick? is poppin!!!

  • 4MeHeDied1

    Oh wow! I am a believer just from viewing this video. I am so glad I have the sample so I can? try it for my self. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the tutorial.

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