~27~ Braidout / Shea Moisture Product Review (8/12/2010)

Originally uploaded on 8/12/2010. I am sorry guys I had to reupload this video dut to copyright music 🙁 Hey guys!! 🙂 Here is the braidout that I did on wet hair using the shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl & style milk and the curl enhancing smoothie. I really liked the results. I will be trying more of their products. Thanks for watching!! Bought at Target Organic raw shea butter: Deep Treatment Masque .99 Coconut oil and Hibiscus Curl and style milk .99 Coconut oil and Hibiscus Curl enhancing Smoothie .99 *3566 views*

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    13 thoughts on “~27~ Braidout / Shea Moisture Product Review (8/12/2010)

    • milkNcookies111

      it looks really cute, i like the conditioner as a leave in, but not enough to rebuy-love the fact they didnt have hike their prices up though

    • kinksNcurlsLc1

      @milkNcookies111 Thanks milkNcookies (love your user name, now I am hungry lol!) Yeah it was okay after I added the olive oil to it but I would not buy it again. Now the curl and style milk and the curl enhancing smoothie, I absolutely LOVE those two, and you are right you can’t beat the price either. 🙂

    • kinksNcurlsLc1

      @sunshine1buttercup1 Hey, so does the deep treatment masque have protein in it? I don’t think I am protein sensitive but I might have to check into that. Thanks!! 🙂

    • ahsenerb27

      On the Masque’s directions, you can use it as a styling cream as well. Maybe you can use it as a styling cream.

    • kinksNcurlsLc1

      @ahsenerb27 Yeah I saw that, and I know a lot of people do use it for twist outs, braid outs, etc. But I really wasn’t interested since I had already feel in love with the style milk and the enhancing smoothie 🙂 I just ended up using it as a deep conditioner until I ran out. I had to add olive oil to it though. Thanks for watching!

    • ThatEppGirl122

      So cute! I’ve been using the curl milk as my moisturizer & its soo good. I never thought to try it as a leave in so Ima try.And I’m going to be getting the smoothie soon so Ima try out this combo bcuz ur results are beautiful! My question is if you applied the curl milk and smoothie on wet or damp hair?

    • kinksNcurlsLc1

      @ThatEppGirl122 Thanks!! I have applied it on both wet and damp hair and I always apply the curl milk first. In this video I believe my hair was wet though. I hope that helps 🙂

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