12 thoughts on “(35) As I Am Coconut Co-Wash Product Review


    I have it already, and still hadn’t used it yet. Hopefully it works fantastically in my hair. I have noticed that my scalp itches a little when I cowash too,? but it’s not to the point where I feel like I have fleas. lol

  • 667tazmania

    Idk why my scalp reacts like it does, but it really is terrible. Please let me know what u think of it.?

  • MsChanteJ72

    Your hair looks sooo good!! Great review! I want to try the curling jelly by? As I Am but I can’t break down to spend $21.99 just yet! LOL

  • 667tazmania

    Hey girl! Thank u! Let me know how it is “when” u try it. I’ve set a? max price point 4 all my products of 17.00. If it cost more than that…I’m not gon b able ta do it.

  • 667tazmania

    Hello fellow poo-er! My new poo favorite is the “Cheris Hibiscus Moisturizing Shampoo Bar” by Bobeam. This bar is so easy 2 use and leaves my hair sooooo soft, detangled and moisturized, but clean at the same time. I tried it on a humble while Curl Mart was? running the 20% off promo a couple weeks back. (reg price $5 a bar) It’s the best shampoo bar I’ve ever used….It’s my new poo!

  • nazakitty28

    i love the Co wash, i have the Jelly as? well that stuff is really heavy for my hair ( the jelly ) but the co wash i love….

  • karmavacations

    The? Coconut co-wash was worked for me, but I really LOVED the Cleansing Pudding from this line. It is a low-poo lathering product that feels great in your hair. Give that a try you might like it!
    I saw your video on JessiCurl, I plan to buy but I have so many others that I must use up 1st (I am indeed a Product Junkie) LOL

  • 667tazmania

    I am attempting 2 recover from being a PJ, but its soooooo hard. The products just b calling me..spoken n my Pookie voice from New Jack City. I still LOVE my JessiCurl and not 2 entice u, but curlmart has a 20% off sale going so I’m just saying. I still haven’t gotten my fill of co-washing and I’m going 2 attempt the DevaCurl No Poo which I just bought a sample size of….review coming soon. Thank u? 4 watching!

  • karmavacations

    I got an email from CURLMART w/that 20% code…I probably will go ahead & order? (Big Smile). The products ‘be calling me’ as well LOL!

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