4 Doctors on Coconut Oil & Dementia

4 doctors discuss the benefits of coconut oil for people with dementias such as Alzheimer’s. For more details, check out: http://www.Eat2think.com/search/lab…

25 thoughts on “4 Doctors on Coconut Oil & Dementia

  • sdushdiu

    LOL! Belief over vetted research. Review the research summaries from
    NutritionFactsOrg at: Does Coconut Oil Cure Alzheimer’s?
    /watch?v=DQqBh0jcA5s Does Coconut Oil Clog Arteries? /watch?v=ZZzuPAD0_F8
    Is Coconut Milk Good For You? /watch?v=6sjhF_HlFxs Ooopss…damned

  • humanyoda

    Greger and his lying goons, with you included, are losing their ground.
    People are learning the truth… waking up… Your Greger will have to eat
    his words sooner or later… if he lives long enough.

  • Kent van Heerden

    Hello Janice, do not be afraid. Look for more testimonials here on youtube.
    I have personally seen coconut oil therapy work on my grandmother, she had
    terrible memory loss and she would forget where she was driving, what she
    was doing, names of people, places and things. I started her on coconut oil
    and home made coconut milk 3 months ago and she is a different woman.
    Alzheimer’s is basically diabetes of the brain so you need to lower glucose
    and increase ketones. Look up ketogenic diet too.

  • humanyoda

    Thank you for your appreciation of my posts. Now about fruits… Fructose
    has become a controversial substance too. It is believed by some now that
    it’s particularly harmful… if I remember correctly, it causes fatty liver
    and insulin resistance by some tricky mechanism. Dr. Lustig talks much
    about it on Youtube.

  • Kent van Heerden

    Personally I’m on the fence with fructose. Fructose gets a bad reputation
    because of high fructose corn syrup(HFCS) Corn, which naturally doesn’t
    produce much sugar is put through chemical processes to make HFCS. It is
    used instead of sugar in many processed foods and by association it has
    been linked to the detrimental effects of the processed food. Personally, I
    don’t think there is anything wrong with fructose in its natural fruit form.

  • Elaine Stephens

    Scoop that stuff up on a cookie! I work in a nursing home and we use the
    WORST stuff. We cook tomatoes in aluminum pans. We use margarine that has
    2.5 grams trans fat per TABLESPOON. And the cooks LADLE this stuff on
    everything. I try to eat healthy, and now I avoid the veggies, because they
    are soooo full of that margarine. I understand that these people are at the
    end of their lives and that giving them comfort food is important. It’s
    just too much. It’s just too much. And the budget!

  • Elaine Stephens

    Please come work at my nursing home. We are practically 5-star. But I’m
    telling you, we do a lot of the wrong things. I manage the kitchen and I
    know. It’s just ignorance, it’s not intentional. We try to keep everyone
    happy. But, dang, let’s just feed everyone aluminum, trans fats and starch.
    It scares me. I really care about these people. I grew up with many of
    them. My parents are their age. Any advice on how to help them would be
    much appreciated.

  • The Inspired Caregiver Book

    We need to find a cure soon! I hope coconut oil is one of them! Caregivers
    can get ill as well if we don’t take care of ourselves, and taking care of
    someone with dementia where they can experience behavior issues can be
    horrid! I know, I went through it! Not fun! Thank you for this information.

  • Shalu Sreelal

    I am a nurse from a small state called KERALA in INDIA.Kerala means land
    of coconuts.We have coconut in everymeal as oil or in currys as paste or
    milk.I think i have not seen any kind of dementia in my state nor i have
    seen any alzheimers as in CANADA.Unfortunately because of the myths about
    the coconut oil all the coconut trees are cut down ahd replaced by rubber
    trees for business purpose.?

  • xxbobdeexx

    Keto paleo diet with coconut oil, MCT oil and Axona supplementation is
    working very well for my mom’s dementia.?

  • Joe Crippen

    Don’t want to pour salt in the wound but i have had my mother on Coconut
    oil for the past 6 months with zero positive results.
    Also tried Tumeric and Saffron as well as they are supposed to provide
    relief from Dementia with no positive results.
    I guess it works for some but has failed miserably with my mother.?

  • Sylvia King

    Alzheimers is a genetic fault handed down via the mitochondrial DNA. There
    is a fault in the electron transport system where the cells mitochondria
    turns glucose into ATP (energy.) Some people call it a type of diabetes in
    the brain. Diabetics have a high risk for this type of dementia as well.?

  • lmturmenne

    My 94 year old mother lives with me and she is in perfect health.
    Well, I should add she’s legally blind and very hard of hearing, which
    tests her patience at times. However….. Her blood tests ALWAYS reveal
    she’s WELL within the healthy perameters, but still she suffers from
    Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
    She’s never been a big eater, however. She’s not a glutton by any
    means, eating small portions…. and she’s always been very active. She
    loves to walk. Her only crutch is that she can’t be without her coffee.
    Coffee used to be 100% caffinated when she lived alone. Since she’s
    living with me now, I’ve cut her way back to maybe 20% caffeine without her
    Still, since her blood tests always amaze the doctor, I’m convinced
    that Alzheimer’s along with Dementia has little to do with diet. I, too,
    believe it is more of a genetic trait. So why, really, isn’t medical
    science delving deeper into this potential aspect? I think it’s because
    these are elderly people. Very few care about the elderly anymore. And
    that’s so sad.?

  • scottlikesvideos

    There is currently no cure to Alzheimer’s, unless you are a rat. They
    reversed it in rats in the past few years. A low carb diet will reduce the
    government’s burden of Alzeimers but only because it will ensure many
    people will drop dead before getting old enough to develop it. These video
    guys are clever; they use the word ketones rather than ketosis because they
    don’t want you looking that one up! ?

  • johnny TheTerminator

    No oils for me .I take 3 spoons a day of flax seed grinded in a coffee
    grinder .Flaxseed has all the omega 3 and fatty acids and flax seed does
    not become rancid like fish oils or any oils best is you grinded it and
    eat it with in 15 minute so is does not become rancid and toxic .or you can
    buy flaxseed oil that’s comes refrigerated . I avoid all omega 6 oils
    including coconut oils ,in my house my wife uses only extra Virgin olive
    oil .
    I eat raw food mostly and white bean , yellow peas soups and salads .I
    don’t eat eggs or dairy , red meat or any oils ..
    I don’t eat factory man made food , no can food and no restaurant food , no
    wheat , I walk two hours a day or jog 3 times a week . I fast one day a
    week and detox (every Saturday I fast and drink 2 liters of distill water
    with lemon ); I lost 95 pound in one year and I have no more sleep apnea ,
    no more high blood pressure ; I fired my doctor ( I don’t get sick no more
    ) You need to get rid of inflammation the cause of all diseases ; You want
    to be healthy .
    Dr Esselstyn says no oil. Oil molecules get into the blood vessels and
    scratch the endophilia, chlesterol patches the inflamation thus restricting
    blood flow . ; all oils including Coconut Oil Clogs Arteries.

    Read the book called ; The china study by T. Colin & Thomas Campbell ;….
    If you have heart disease in your family get this book ; “Prevent and
    Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr.” check it out at
    amazon.com or on YouTube . For you people who are too depressed or unhappy
    living get this book : “Mind Power into the 21st Century” Paperback — by
    John Kehoe — these 3 books will better your life .?

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