4 Month Hair Growth Health Coconut Oil

Requested Update: My hair is now 27 1/4 inches at the longest. That’s 4 1/4″ in 4 months. I’ve added the use of extra virgin olive oil to the ends of hair. Otherwise, I’m still using coconut oil, neem and rosemary. Check my channel for previous videos on Hair, as well as classical painting technique, and a few others.

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    6 thoughts on “4 Month Hair Growth Health Coconut Oil

    • neo10303

      I find a big difference in your overall hair quality it is shiny and you can really notice the change in volume.After seeing your video on coconut oil for your face i have been using it on my face with great results.I want to use it on my hair,but i wanted to know if it? affected colored hair in a negative way, like cause brassyness.I can’t tell if your hair is colored,but it looks great.I really enjoy your videos take care.

    • sasto65

      Thanks for writing! My hair is colored with Natural Instincts Semi Permanent. I feel it’s gentler.? My natural color is slightly darker, and I have roots of about 1 1/4″ showing in this video.Coconut oil won’t change the color of your hair, It should strengthen and moisturize. Use plain coconut oil. For darker haired people there is Vatika Coconut oil. It does contain an ingredient that may impart brassiness; Henna. I use only plain coconut oil, and it’s my understanding extra virgin is best.

    • sasto65

      Thank you for requesting the update. I needed the nudge! smiles. Congratulations ahead of time on healthier hair!?

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