I have finally found an oil that bonds with my 4c hair type!! and that oil IS DUM DUH DUH DUM!!! COCONUT OIL its perfect for my hair i really pray that everyone finds the oil meant for their hair i just know my hair is going to be growing!!

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    • summerorchid1

      Coconut oil is da bomb, everyone must be tired of hearing me talk about it in my videos. I get mine from the local green grocer and it’s 100% natural. It makes my hair soft and shiny. I can put it on every morning and my hair eats it up without feeling greasy.
      You’re so convincing. I want to try that Vitika product. WHERE CAN I GET IT?

    • TheBaldbarbie

      coconut oil is the shisnick!! lol I got my vatika from Amazon online store i get most of my products from there now. i think it was 14 dollars for 2 of those bottles

    • imjust2fly

      i wanna see your hair journey girls like u really inspire me im 15 year old girl from london u r r my role model. lol being independent and not letting boys use u u go girl

    • candacereneejones

      Thanks!!! Who is the book by? I must try this Vatika!!!! Everyone’s is talking about it. Are you concerned about chemicals in DO Grow?

    • Shearandes

      Yes I got that same oil from a local Indian strore!! It’s great on your skin as well!!

    • tressfreecre8tions

      Vatika Oil, among several other Indian hair products is wonderful on my natural hair also!

      I mix it with almost everything! I mix it with my henna red, other conditioners, as well as apply to my protective styles and directly to my hair after a co-wash!

    • rebarenee7

      Thanks for the info. Yes, shea butter is not the best when it comes to smell. I put a lot of lemon essential oil in it but I can’t smell the lemon, the shea seems to over ride it. My daughter said that she can smell the lemon, maybe it is my nose. lol

    • summerorchid1

      Thanks 🙂 , I actually found it in a local Indian grocery store a few months ago. I love it.

    • TheTintin00007

      I used it every night before going to sleep,And shampoo in the morning with herbal shampoo,I treat my hair with oil for 8 hours,Because when u sleep your hair grows and nails,and you nourish for 8 hours,nobody smells while you sleep and works fine at night,For the herbal shampoo I use Avalon organics shampoo.I shampoo it in the morning, also i take vitamin B12 also.

    • sjohnson3501

      Have your pillowcases ever got soiled from the nighttime routine? I use a satin scarf but my pillowcase? still stains? Am I using too many oils late at night or what? I use shea butter during the day with water for dryness. When I come home around 7:29 from work, my hair is dry again, so I use the vegetable/glycerin mix in and massage before bed. I put my silk cap on (ban around the head) but in the morning, my pillowcase is stained from the oils in my head. WHAT CAN I DO?

    • sjohnson3501

      What is your routine with your hair from the morning to the evening. I am a newbie and is trying to find out if the use the water, shea butter mix and the glycerine mix afterwards. If so, my hair was so greasy. What am I doing wrong

    • HairAndHealing

      @TheBaldbarbie I totally agree with you about coconut oil!! I just started using it 2 days ago and am IN LOVE with the stuff. I’m using it in it’s raw form and my hair is so soft and shiny. I just posted a video about it!


    • northofhome28

      @sjohnson3501 just get a black towel or any towel really and fold it up and sleep on it. i think that happens with a lot of oil from the heat. it happens with my olive oil spray. i just got the coconut oil though and am eager to use it.

    • TheBaldbarbie

      @sjohnson3501 uh not to usurp what northofhome28 said but a cotton towel will REALLY take ALL the moisture out of your hair its really not good for 4c hair i hardly dry my hair with the towel i pat dry it…but i would suggest maybe not putting so much oil in your hair. i had that problem too and i just mixed the oil the was working well with my hair with water in a spray bottle and shook and sprayed my hair…so that the oil would be still there but in not so big amounts.

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