5 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

www.TheRawfoodfamily.com Coconuts are one of the most valuable superfoods on earth! It is avaliable in abundance in each tropical country, has not been domasticated and “optimized” by us humans, and it is just sooo strong! Coconuts can travel over weeks above open sea, and still does have enough life force to grow into a new coconut tree on the next island. Especially the coconut water is just so rich, so nurtering, so valuable in regards to minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and alkalizing your system. Please visit us at http to read the full article! Website: www.TheRawfoodfamily.com Youtube www.youtube.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Get instant access to 5 free, nutrition-packed, easy to make raw food recipes. welcome.therawfoodfamily.com Give your kids something healthy to eat and yourself a life outside the kitchen as well! Download them now at welcome.therawfoodfamily.com

22 thoughts on “5 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

  • MadreMaven

    I wish I liked the taste of coconut water, but sadly I don’t. As a birth worker, I suggest? coconut water as a birthing drink to stay hydrated over water.

  • PoKerFaceN1

    its very very expensive and hard? to find here in UK or Europe some ppl havent even heard of it lol some ppl where shocked when I asked for it

  • Crossit555

    How is having a low amount of fat make you loose weight. There is no fat in regular water, or? sugar.

  • xZombiePinUpGirlx

    It has lots of? nutrients and electrolytes that water doesn’t have. Helps you feel full longer too, while hydrating. He’s not saying to replace your water intake with coconut water, this is just a healthy and delicious way of getting more good food benefits 🙂

  • xZombiePinUpGirlx

    Is coconut water the same as coconut milk? Not the type you get in the can, obviously, but what comes out of a regular coconut? Or does coconut water only come out of? young coconuts? Thanks for the clarification!

  • bilko1971

    Tesco now sells UFC coconut water 1L for less than £2.50 – 100% natural coconut water.
    Tesco now sells Vita Coco coconut water 1L for less than £350 – 100% natural coconut water.
    UFC tastes as good but the? coconuts come from a different country than the vita coco stuff so its slightly sweeter too.

    Both products are the real deal not like canned drinks with bits in or water that is made from diluted coconut milk.

    Holland and Barrat also sell the Vita but i think its £4.50 per 1L.

  • bilko1971

    I drink about 3 liters of UFC a week. It took a little getting used too after the Vita but now i love it. I get restless leg at night and i read that i need Potassium. This does the trick? as i don’t like eating too many bananas.


    In St lucia carribean I drank and ate coconut jelly so? much and definately felt the health benefits

  • Innersky23

    What is the best coconut water to drink? I buy the ones in the cans, but when I was in a tropical area last year I would find young coconuts by the beach. To me the canned version; specifically the healthiest kinds, are expensive. Is? it less expensive to buy young coconuts at a health store and “create” your own coconut water beverages? Also, what store is best? Thanks!

  • Innersky23

    Coconut water comes out of young coconuts….coconut milk; from what I know so far, comes from the brown hairy ones.

  • jackthebasenji1

    Ka, what is the growing season like in Costa Rica? Do you always have access to bananas? and coconuts? I am curious because I live in Minnesota and our growing season is so short. I am a gardener and thought that maybe I could have access to local greens by growing sprouts in my home? What are your thoughts on wheat grass bean sprouts?

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