7 Amazing Ways to Use Coconut Oil & Save $$ + Giveaway (Closed)

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25 thoughts on “7 Amazing Ways to Use Coconut Oil & Save $$ + Giveaway (Closed)

  • MoneAlisa1

    My favorite idea was the sugar scrub. I use coconut oil as a moisturizer in my? hair but I never thought to mix it with sugar and use it as a scrub. I’m really gonna try it. I love the smell of coconut oil.

  • cakehawk

    I like the foot scrub. I’ve been using it? for cooking and will start trying out some of the other ideas.

  • JSmith0316

    I LOVED the night moisturizer and foot care tip. I can’t wait to try it,? Thanks Lily! 🙂

  • annieandruben

    i love the foot scrub tip!!!? even if i don’t win this giveaway i will def. buy this product=)

  • b4real87

    I love the foot scrub tip! Been wanting to try coconut oil for a while but haven’t? gotten around to it.

  • VanessaJan15

    I’ve been? using it as a moisturizer, makeup remover and hair but never heard of diaper cream? I must say.. I loved the diaper cream tip. Tried this on my baby the other night, works AMAZING!! 🙂 Thanks Lily!

  • CupcakeCovertops

    Wow thats so amazing to hear!! Thanks for letting me know I hadn’t tried it myself so I can’t wait? to use it on the new baby 🙂

  • TheColorfulnails

    i love that you could use it as an stretch mark eliminator..never thought? of that. and also for makeup. never knew those things 🙂

  • ldixon885

    What a great idea! I had never even heard of coconut oil before. Now I’m using it for everything and recommending it to my friends too. Lol on of my friends in calling me the dad from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and saying I recommend it like he recommends using Windex for everything lol What can I say, I’m hooked! My favorite tip, and the one that convinced me to try it, was to use it? as a diaper cream. My son had a rash that wouldn’t quit but I tried this and it was gone in a few days!

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