A Coconut Oil Rave/Review

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4 thoughts on “A Coconut Oil Rave/Review

  • diagar123

    I bought some coconut oil today and I left it on my hair for about 3 hours and it left my hair suuuper soft! I’m? in love – thanks-you so much for making a video on it! But just wondering, how many times do you use it as a hair mask per week?

  • TheFashionTrigger1

    aww! yay! I’m so glad!! 🙂 I think it really depends? on your hair type, I wouldn’t use it more than once if you have oily hair but maybe twice a week if you have dry hair? I use it maybe once every 2 weeks because my hair is really healthy now that i’ve cut it so i don’t need to maintain it as often

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