African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil – Product Review

African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil is great for locking in moisture in micro braids and giving moisture to low grade fake (fake to my head that is but real to the person who cut it off) Indian hair (which is what I had in my hair – I can not comment on Remy which is an extremely higher quality of Indian hair)

17 thoughts on “African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil – Product Review

  • brownshuga24

    Soybean oil is what vegetable oil is made from. I’ve often wondered about using? vegetable oil the same way i use olive oil, but i’ve never done it.

  • Tanya10312000

    @brownshuga24. I Tried to post a link but YouTube would not let me post it…so quite simply – Vegetable oil is? a no! Soybean oil is a yes – depending on your hair. Go to Google and in the search window type in “soybean oil in hair products” Scroll down to the 8th one and you should see the title “Soybean oil- Do you use it? Avoid it? – Long Hair Care Forum” This should take you to an informative discussion on the Long Hair Care Forum regarding Soybean Oil.

  • Tanya10312000

    @brownshuga24. I would not use vegetable oil. The molecules are larger than the soybean oil and may not penetrate the? hair shaft as well.

  • maybeido03

    Hi, I just saw this product online and trying to find reviews here. But I can only find comments from black people so I wanted to ask that do you think Asians can use it too? I kind of have fine, straight hair already and I? want more volume to it. But at the mean time I have been bleaching and coloring my hair for 2-3 years, so I want soft and shine effect when I want to use iron curler too.I hope this is not a greasy product… Let me know what you think, thanks!! <3

  • Tanya10312000

    @maybeido03. I have no experience with Asian hair…this product is majority oil and feels like oil. I hope this helps.?

  • Tanya10312000

    @sasuke2uzumaki. I am not sure what you are talking about but I will indulge? you…Yes. If you are smelling an unknown chemical you should not put you nose immediately over it and inhale – you should instead use your hand and wave the fragrance towards your nose to smell the aroma.
    That is not the case for hair products. I don’t think there are any products and any shelves available for everyday consumer use that are going to destroy membranes in you nasal passage. Sheesh…

  • musicproducer16

    That’s the thing…Stuff like “Olive Miracle” is NOT chemical. Its natural. So NO,? that does not apply for product like this. Now…if you were talking about relaxers/perms then NO you should not because relaxers/perms have chemicals in them. But the stuff she is making a review on is basically made with oils, NOT chemicals. Get it?

  • suzukitamura12

    i dont know what all this chemical talk is about but anyway i brought the african pride oil? and i swear it smells like fruit punch and the ingredients are pretty natural so im ok with it

  • ticketemo

    Try Hask Placenta No-Rinse Instant hair repair treatment.? Stuff works quite well, and a good price too!

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