8 thoughts on “Airport Security and Coconut Oil

  • mikelund534

    I’ve had a couple of jars of coconut oil taken from me by TSA even in the winter when the oil was totally solid.

  • Mangosteenlife

    Bribe them with a straight up SPOONFUL… Cuz thats how I roll… or…
    Just check a whole bag full of over 3 oz stuff. : )

  • loulouproductions

    ok coconut oil is suuuuper great for oil pulling – an Ayurvedic practice where you put coconut oil in your mouth – bout a tablespoon full – and swish it round like a mouthwash and pull it through your teeth for as long as you can – optim, 5-25 mins – this draws a whole lot of toxins out of your body via your teeth and gums – then you spit out the dirty oil – this is great for toothaches, abscesses, ulcers and mouth issues and also a really great teeth whitener when used this way

  • papiyonmov

    I’ve had raw tahini taken by airport security, was so bummed since my mom requested it and can’t get it herself. My puppy dog eyes and genuine tearing up almost won them over, but no…. and ya know that just ended up the garbage (they were all ta-what-ey?)

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