Alkalizing Organic Juice – Celery/Cucumber/Coconut Water

This is a fantastic drink for endurance athletes that want to improve their performance by taking a drink that has more electrolytes, natural sodium with low sugar that is better than all the Sport Drinks on the Market, and is cheaper than purchasing it at any Juice Bar. There are health benefits for taking Celery, Cucumber, Coconut Water, and since I’m not a Doctor I will talk about the “Performance Benefits” of this Drink Athletic Performance of Celery 1. Cooling Affect on the Body 2. Replaced Electrolytes 3. High in Chlorophyll 4. Natural Salt in Celery 5. Calcium & Magnesium Performance Benefits of Cucumber 1. Cooling Affect on the Body 2. Supplies Electrolytes 3. High Alkalinity (ph) 4. Pure Distilled Water 5. Hydration of the Cells Performance Benefits of Coconut Water 1. Pure Distilled Water 2. Loaded with Potassium 3. Improves Hydration into Cells 4. High in Electrolytes 5. Low & Natural Sugar This drink will create 48oz of Organic Celery/Cucumber/Coconut Water for a cost of .49. Warning: Dilute this drink when you first start if you are not use to drinking Organic Juices because it can give you an upset stomach. If you have a 24oz Water Bottle, put half water, and half juice. Drink at least 1 bottle per hour. Good Luck with your Future Performance Improvements.

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    • Nkkicute

      Omega HD VRT 350 Juicer…? I am definitely interested in bettering my health, I just purchased a few books on fasting and discovered Whole Foods in my area. Although I have considered doing a water fast, juicing would seem easier and more beneficial for a beginner like myself. Great video, looking forward to more, thanks!

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