All About Coconuts : Using Coconut Oil as Lotion

Coconut oil is a great lotion for shaving and is an excellent sexual lubricant. Learn how to turn coconut oil into lotion and lubricant in thisfree video all about coconuts. Expert: Jeff Belli Bio: Jeff Belli heads his own business, Chi of Me, located in middle Tennessee. Coming from a family with a long tradition in gardening, Jeff is passionate about having a positive impact on Mother Earth. Filmmaker: Doug Craig

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    8 thoughts on “All About Coconuts : Using Coconut Oil as Lotion

    • joshryker

      Because they’re too busy lubing up with the coconut oil to fuck and make more hairy hippie hemp-wrapped babies.

    • Eric3Frog

      Damn joshryker’s comment was hilarious!!
      Banging With Coconuts brought to you by The Tiedyed Press.

    • LiquidAngel237

      Since coconut oil is solid, how did you get yours to become liquid? And I didn’t see any of the coconut pulp in your liquid as well, did you strain it? I would like to use it as a personal lub, but would like it to be liquid as you show without the pulp.

    • b1iuzw39

      fill your sink with warm water and put your bottle/jar of coconut oil in the sink filled with warm water and wait till it liquifies

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