All natural Curly Routine: Licette

OPEN ME FOR MORE INFO!! Products used: Shampoo : Shea Moisture Organic Coconut and Hibiscus CURL & SHINE SHAMPOO Conditioner: Suave Almond Shea Butter Conditioner Styling Products: Organic Coconut and Hibiscus CURL & STYLE MILK Organic Coconut and Hibiscus CURL ENHANCING SMOOTHIE Organic Raw Shea Butter RECONSTRUCTIVE ELIXIR Music by: Gnyus Contact Info: Email: Facebook: Twitter Licette: Instagram Licette:

25 thoughts on “All natural Curly Routine: Licette

  • Epiphanystone

    wow…this really worked? great…even after the rain yesterday i was still able to get 2nd day hair. Lets see if i can do 4 days:)

  • keyli0509

    Great Im glad! I always considered the gel like that last final touch that makes them last a little longer… lol.. Happy for? you!

  • EspanolBeauty

    raemarie14 sent me! i love your videos! um glad she mentioned you two? girls in her share the love tag

  • keyli0509

    haha yes, apparently she is? my official twin lol… i get that from a lot of people in most of my videos.? =] I just need some blond hair and a sexy english accent.

  • curlycmarie21

    So my family went natural and I thought it was pretty cool (at the time I had some relaxer in my hair, since iwas mixed no one really knew what to do with my hair nor really bothered to) I looked up everything for their hair (they have more of a kinky texture) and I went natural after a month of being natural (and still having my partially relaxed hair) I got tired of the stringy strands and got my “big cut”. After? my big cut I was doning what they were doing to style and take care of their hair

  • curlycmarie21

    At first it was ok cuz my hair was too short to do much to to. But as it got longer like now it gets frustrating cuz nothing they do helps for my hair cuz I notice its a diff texture (might be the fact that im mixed and they are not). So I been trying to find anything that will help me. And looking at ur videos have really helped. Even tho your hair is way longer than mines its very similar texture. Imma try your routines and see how it goes. So everything in? a nut shell…. Thanks!!!!

  • keyli0509

    Im so happy that you and your family are embracing natural hair. Please do not hesitate if you? have any question im here to help. Good luck on the rest of your journey. =]

  • GreenMe100

    I love your hair!! I have similar hair, just way thicker! I wanted to know? why you stopped using the devacurl products? They seemed to work great with your hair too!

  • keyli0509

    I stopped using Deva? Curl because #1 its price #2 i wanted to experiment? with diferent products. I would like to try them again some day, but at the moment I’m really happy with Shea Moisture =]

  • pabritova

    tresemme naturals has looootts of slip and is silicone free, we have similar textures and i have way more hair than u, plus i detangle with? my fingers and works really well, u should try it

  • BrasileiraCubana

    i see looks? beautiful! i taught that the milk was the conditioner, or not? i didnt know it was a leave in. and yes difffuser tutorial 😀 gracias

  • inluvwithmusik87

    I love how you’re embracing your natural curls. I’ve been natural for 3? years now, and you inspire me to continue. 🙂

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