Almond and Coconut Milk Could Be Damaging Your Health! Twitter: Facebook: Think commercial almond milk is better than drinking cow’s milk? Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case. Shopping Guide:

4 thoughts on “Almond and Coconut Milk Could Be Damaging Your Health!

  • Michael Larkin

    Agreed! All processed and fortified drinks aren’t not good for you. Recently I tried the half gallon of coconut milk? for a recipe but it tasted like chalk. The canned is more natural but has been heated. It sounds healthier than cow milk but its just not. Making your own almond or coconut milk would be much better. Make sure the almonds are raw and then soaked before making it.

  • Carlen Schmidt

    I wish we could have some conveniences in this world, but with the food industry it’s just not possible. 🙁 If someone purchases these products, they? should at least have the information about what they are drinking. Thanks for watching! 🙂

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