Ananda Bosman Hadronic Mechanics & Entheogens 1of22

Ananda M. Bosman’s presentation for the 4th Shamanism Conference in Iquitos Peru 2008 This is one of the best presentations I have yet to see. I hope you all enjoy! WATCH THE WHOLE THING. 🙂 in my profile its linked up in a playlist for ease of use. ananda bosman hadronic mechanics hadron entheogens entheogenic quantum physics quantum psychics 5-meo-dmt psychedelic psychedeliack shaman psychonaut pineal gland penaline shamanism 5-meo-dmt dmt ufo alien ET extra terrestrial id interdimensional abduction tetrahedron near death experience nde 432hz zero point merkava pyramid hermes trismegistus merkaba alchemy plant teacher plant spirit gaian mind hermeticism hermetic magic magick nn-dmt soma ayahuasca somahuasca future time travel 2012 iching i-ching bufo alvarius love enlightenment satori giza samaddhi source realization golden age spiritual jung nirvana physics mayan calendar maya vedic pre vedic rig veda hindu metaphysics philosophy archaeology depth psychology esoteric as above so below meditation aum om heart love chakra reiki healing 5-meo-dmt

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    25 thoughts on “Ananda Bosman Hadronic Mechanics & Entheogens 1of22

    • shamanizing

      great discussion and interesting points to touch on
      particles of infinite possibilities

    • lysergicaddict

      I feel ya! but still its the most sacred of sacrifices! hehe 😉 seems to make the experience what it is.
      but seriously, as the learning process unfolds, it seems there is less and less of the individual perspective there to have to “die”. this might also have to do with what kind of path/mind state one is experiencing, for example, if you try to get to a point beyond “ego”(individual) perception before taking the medicine, perhaps it would be a lot smoother of an experience. ?? 🙂

    • AlbionsClouds

      As a follower of Macrobiotic Zen for two decades, I could add that the change of the bipolar colloids in the blood stream and the consequently increase of the Zeta potential charges the blood with the ability to connect the neuronal fractal internet of the brain in so speedy way, that the created spikes of Gama waves (above 40 cycles per second) are far superior and constant in their change of perception, from any simple external chemical substance.

    • AlbionsClouds

      The secret is the slow chewing, the food literally dissolves in the mouth, it is electrified and enriched with more than 50 hormones after 50 times of chewing.
      The sacred nectar starts to be secreted from the brain to the mouth from its inner top after 3-4 months.
      These are the real magnicules, the manna, the alchemical elixir from inside, the original time machine.
      Nature is our nature …

    • AlbionsClouds

      If I say yes I would be lying, but I cannot deny it also 🙂
      N-dimethyltryptamine, is a naturally-occurring tryptamine and potent psychedelic drug, found not only in many plants, but also in trace amounts in the human body where its natural function is undetermined.
      Here comes the role of Macrobiotic Zen, the human body can produce huge amounts of endorphins, million times superior from any external substance.

    • AlbionsClouds

      The fact that DMT can work in the brain is only because it imitates a physical substance produced by the brain under a certain emotional charge therefore is already a receptor for this substance. Continuous use of imitating materials, stop the physical production.

    • lysergicaddict

      So you are saying, that if a man achieves enlightenment during a DMT session, if they continue using DMT they will calcify their pineal gland and become unenlightened?

    • AlbionsClouds

      Not exactly.
      Psychedelics are shamanic foods, very special and sacred elements of the library of Life.
      When we have no idea how to sustain our body with plain foods it is a suicide attempt guided by greed and ego, every consumption of these foods, especially from the Westerners who have a complete ignorance of the procedure and the resulting stargate inside their bodies …
      Demonic possession is so obscure that it might be hidden for decades and I don’t mention the damage to the etheric body.

    • lysergicaddict

      You have good points. I think it is extremely important that people do not take up psychedelic substances with the idea that they are miracles. They are only half miracles, as it takes actual work to understand and integrate the experience. Although, the experience in itself is so awe inspiring and intriguing, I find it rare that it does not inspire an authentic study and spiritual practice, I still think the public, needs a good dose of GOD and ego death, and DMT seems to be an instant key.

    • AlbionsClouds

      Shamans have no sign of calcification of their pineal gland after decades of use of psychedelics, but people in cities with fluoride in their water, they have been calcified totally.

      The Transmutation from Na (Sodium) to K (Potassium).
      George Ohsawa and Masashiro Torii, Professor of the Musashino Institute of
      Technology, with several scientists, have achieved this transmutation of the
      atom from Na to K, first achieved on June 21, 1964.

      Macrobiotics is the art of natural transmutation!

    • AlbionsClouds

      The Unique Principle of the Far East is exceeding simple and ex-
      traordinarily practical. Anyone can understand it in a few hours and
      use it immediately in everyday life because it embraces the universal
      logic, dialectics. It is a very practical universal compass.

    • AlbionsClouds

      According to the Unique Principle, the greatest thing in life is
      faith. Internally, this faith is a clairvoyance (the opposite of credo
      quia absurdum est — the belief in something sheerly because it is so
      incredible) which clearly sees and comprehends everything through
      infinite time and space.

    • AlbionsClouds

      Externally, it is a manifestation of universal love or supreme judgment, embracing all antagonisms and transforming them into oneness, distributing the eternal joy of life to all, forever. It is the kind of faith that sends the mountain into the sea.

      And it is the truth that insures infinite freedom, eternal happiness,
      and absolute justice.

    • zezt

      That kind of talk is similar to the Boo Hoo tactics of the Church and its Hell propaganda.
      Yes, of course you must show respect with psychedelics but you dont need to BE a shaman etc, you can just be unique you. Even Ananda says same at beginning of his talks

    • JezebelDecibel

      Infinity has an infinite amount of laws for time, space, form, function & thought dependent on it’s own level.

    • AlbionsClouds

      You are right there is no need for generalization of the term Shaman, I was just referring to the studies from 70’s till today from the few volunteers who accepted to be examined by the Westerners and their approach, this weird mixture of British Empiricism and religious aphorisms, so-called “science”, sionce is a better term
      Although the principles of the relation matter-energy are still distorted on purpose, even these siontists confirmed the danger of an untrained approach to these substances

    • jeffspirit11

      I respect this one for his beliefs but I don’t need any belief. I have moved beyond it. Just be yourself to the voice of Logos. A type of Shamans said long ago, let those who have ears listen. Be careful and wary though of what you hear, if it takes you into realms you don’t understand, back out. Let that inner voice guide you truth the label of it. Because real truth is not a label. It is unknown. When you find yourself there, you’re on the path to a destiny foretold to those that know.

    • 4Dmetricology

      well he has convincingly demonstrated his ignorance of Q.E.D. and relativity. Not surprising, but why talk about it if he does NOT know?

      what is a maulicle?
      an 8Hz proton-proton resonance?

      what a dink

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