angelcoco’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ~Miracle Oil~

On the other hand, virgin coconut oil is made by removing the meat immediately after breaking a fresh coconut in order to extract the oil. Because of this, virgin coconut oil has the unique sweet smell and taste of coconut. Virgin coconut oil extracted naturally is much better than the factory-produced variety. The aroma and flavor vary depending on the processes and the kinds of coconut used (there are 200 kinds of coconuts). Therefore, we contacted a lot of companies and checked their quality in order for us to choose best quality of oil. In 2008, we conducted an extensive survey throughout the Philippines to examine different coconut oils. In addition to Manila, we also went to Cebu and even Mindanao to examine and taste samples from as many as 118 companies. Now you could enjoy the best quality of oil in angelcoco extra virgin coconut oil!

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