Application Of Coconut Oil In The Hair

Coconut Oil has amazing properties; it’s so versatile and can be used on so many things. Here it’s used for the hair – helping to condition and add natural shine. Please see more natural health tips on my Facebook page – copy this link into your browser:

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    27 thoughts on “Application Of Coconut Oil In The Hair

    • rosemarylamb

      When you wash out, you should only needto apply shampoo. The oil that you applied beforehand should leave your hair feeling soft.

    • prettyiselle

      Ms. Rose, I have a question, shud i apply the coconut oil on my hair if it is wet? or dry? How long the effect lasts?Does it smell bad after i wash it out?? I’ll W8 4 ur feedback.. =)) tnx!

    • rosemarylamb

      Apply it to dry hair. The effects will vary according to the original condition of your hair e.g. from a couple of days to longer. The effects are also cumulative – the more often you use the oil the longer the effects will last.

    • BusyBeingFabulous

      The best results you get is by leaving it in your hair overnight. I do it once every 3 weeks

    • seun0203

      @captainflowerpower u can get the ktc brand she shose in the video in any asian/afro-carib grocery store for a cheaper price

    • diazragu2010

      thanks for repying! i actually feel like a real person when people reply lol can it be used as a leave in as well ? or must be rinsed out?

    • mimi42428

      I use that exact oil but only to add to my deep conditioners as it is not unrefined/extra virgin. I bought the unrefined/extra virgin one from Holland and Barrett here in the UK. It is a health food store. You can get the unrefined/extra virgin one from most health food stores.try it that way. It is awesome

    • DeeDuub

      Hi there I shaved my head in november..prior to this all my life ive had silky asian type curly hair ( im eastern descent)..
      But since the head shave.e..and is even thinning..and its sooo dry .ive read about all the oils..and can see coconut is the today i got the oil..massaged my head and scalp.deeply..wrapped shower cap and wrapped in towel..going to sleep overnight.. how do i wash it out in the morning????
      is 6-8 hours enough? do all the benefits go when you shower it of?

    • naynayfull

      hey i got a question i bought coconut il but it doesn’t say its virgin and its oil not like cream is it good? and it say that it is stimulating groth oil so is it the same as the one you are using?

    • sarahharlow

      Excellent vid. Lots of info. WHY haven’t I heard about coconut oil before??? It appears to be one of the best kept secrets of all time. Can’t wait to get my mitts on a jar of this stuff and work a few miracles on myself! 🙂

    • Joseph

      I have a question,I am 25, I applied straighting cream on my hairs 4 times in a month, after that they become thin and i can see my skin between the hairs, now i am using coconut oil for around 14 days to make them thick as before, but the results are not too better.Can you suggest any thing regarding after how many days, the hairs will be thick.thanks.

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