Arjuni : Coconut Oil – The Big Lie (Plus Giveaway!)

No closures required! Take the Oath and join Janice on a yearlong journey as she shares expert tips each month to nurture and retain the length of your hair. Be certain to check out the Lounge to learn more about hair care! Studies can be downloaded here : 1. Effect of mineral oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil on prevention of hair damage 2003, Vol 54 2. Investigation of penetration abilities of various oils into human hair fibers 2005, Vol 56

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    25 thoughts on “Arjuni : Coconut Oil – The Big Lie (Plus Giveaway!)

    • ArjuniLounge

      @ArjuniLounge And with regards to a “sealant”, I don’t think of products in terms of moisturizers and sealants. I’ll introduce my findings in the upcoming episodes re shampoos and conditioners. – JW

    • msgreene1973

      The biggest lie I was told was offered by my grandmother. She stated that if you must cut your hair, you have to do it during a fullmoon because your hair will grow with the moon. If you don’t, it will stunt the growth of your hair. ROTFL

    • robinsbeauty

      Ok, so this was new to me just last month. One of my clients made me pin her hair up everyday last month and she did not wear it down not one day because her mom always told her that the MARCH WINDS will blow all her hair away if worn down&freely!! The bad thing is that she was dead serious, lol. Keep in mind we live in Mississippi where we barely have a winter! Out of all my years of styling, this was a first for me 😉

    • CHAQUI11

      the biggest lie is black women can not wash their hair often because it will dry out(smh>>>water =moisture) or break. wash once a week MIN. co wash mid week because of work outs and i grew form a nape cut to mid back length (min heat)

    • LekiaLPTBeauty

      One of the big lies I have heard was from a stylist who told me not to ever moisturize my hair. She said the natural oils that my hair produce was enough for my hair. Whenever I came in with it oiled, she would wash my hair with a dish detergent to get the oil out. Yikes!! Cant believe I paid for that mess.

    • ArjuniLounge

      @robinsbeauty Shoot. I know the Delta in March. And given the Alley, her Mama just might be right. But it’s not just her hair she should be worried about. – JW

    • ArjuniLounge

      @LekiaLPTBeauty Wow. Dish detergent? She was *serious*. I don’t know if that’s the most hilarious, but it’s definitely a contender for the worst stylist ever! – JW

    • preetyelly28

      The biggest lie i have heard was from my grandaunt, she said “cut 1 inch off your hair everymonth burn it and mix the ashes to your hair cream to get 2 inches back” :DDDDDD

    • medalyun

      The biggest lie I heard is to brush your hair a hundred times a day everyday to stimulate your scalp…Yeaaaa… I gave up and my arms got tired… lol 🙂

    • cuttiepie68

      the biggest lie i heard was horse dung (and yes they sell it in several Hispanic countries). its mixed in with other natural products but yes horse dung im sure if you ask around ppl will attest to this nonsense. ohhhh and eating lots of red meat womp womp.Side note i just ordered my first order of arjuni hair on sat im a lil confused as too what will happen now that i paid the invoice but i know its is well worth it!

    • jaineeb

      How do you distribute the oil? Do you part and place or massage thoroughly as if shampooing? Thanks for the tips!

    • Only1Meya

      I told my friend who is a hair stylist that I was going natural and she said that all I had to do was to take some lemon juice and let that sit on my hair for a while and that would wash the relaxer out of my hair. I am no hair stylist but I thought that was the most ridiculous thing i had ever heard. I actually laughed at her, but I didnt want to make her feel bad by calling her out. lol. I actually looked it up later on and found that she wasnt the only one who thought this was true though.

    • ArjuniLounge

      @medalyun I’ve definitely heard this one before. Given my hair type, that’s a certain recipe for a bald-headed Janice! – JW

    • ArjuniLounge

      @cuttiepie68 (Laughing!) You know, I try to be open-minded. But on this one? I’ll pass. Thanks for commenting! – JW

    • ArjuniLounge

      @jaineeb Great question. I do tend to part. Not because I’m attempting to “grease my scalp”, but to ensure full coverage. Once parted, I’ll gently coat my hair with a series of light squeezes from root to tip. Then repeat. For each section, I use a nickel size amount of coconut oil. (Keep in mind I’ve extremely fine hair.) Thanks for watching!

    • nky5208

      biggest myth ive heard is that dirt grows hair. I’ve heard it from a lot of ppl, but my stylist use 2 tell me not 2 wash my hair when I had a sew-in because the dirt would maximize my growth -_-
      I wish i knew then what i know now.

    • CAPACHiNOLove

      In your video you said that people have been stopping by and checking up on people.. NOONE has done that to me..

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