As I Am Coconut Cowash Review!! Co-Washing very thick 3c/4a Low Porosity Hair by NaturallyQuinn

Product Review!! I love the As I Am Coconut Cowash! I would absolutely say GO GET IT!! My hair was left moisturized and manageable. Thanks to my subbies for …

25 thoughts on “As I Am Coconut Cowash Review!! Co-Washing very thick 3c/4a Low Porosity Hair by NaturallyQuinn

  • Martha Lankford

    can you do a video on your natural hair journey. did you transition or did
    you do the big chop. I only ask because you stated you have been natural
    for about 2.5 years. I’ll be 3 years this coming August and I doubt I will
    have the length you have now ‘ I’m also 3c 4a low porosity.?

  • Debra Tillman

    You and I have very different opinions about this product, I could not use
    it at all. It had a drying effect on my 3c fine hair. Maybe if my hair
    was thicker, it could work. I will never buy this product again.?

  • Tracy C.

    This looks great! Please tell me how you get your 4a hair to hang? My
    texture is very similar to your but I have fine hair and I have tight curls
    in the middle back area that do not want to hang.?

  • k fatima

    I love this co-wash too. The Eden Bodyworks co-wash is nice as well. The
    only con is they come in a jar and I’ve spilled them in my shower before.
    They really should put them in a bottle. ?

  • Jasmine Jones

    I can definitely tell the difference in your hair from this and the Pantene
    co wash. I don’t like that stuff either lol LOVE your hair please keep
    making more videos. ?

  • Karisma Frazier

    I put mime in a clean aussie 3minute miracle bottle and it works great all
    i have to do is squeez and it comes out and nver leaks out either?

  • Nita Prettynpink

    I’ve been using this cowash for almost 1year and it is definitely a staple
    if mines…. i am a As I Am only girl :-)?

  • Jasmine Ruffin

    I have done a review on this product. I’m on my second jar because I love
    this stuff. It cleanes my hair and when combined with an ACV rinse, it
    works even better!?

  • Adrienna Turner

    still learning about density and porosity, but I did the naturallycurly
    test and says 3C but think I might have 4A or something in the back.?

  • Fanouvvi

    NaturallyQuinn what a cool moniker, I am viewing your videos for the first
    time today, You a naturally beautiful and articulate. I have subscribed to
    your channel as well. Continue to make more hair videos. ?

  • Candice Taylor

    Your hair is gorgeous! I first saw this product in the grocery stores
    “ethnic hair care” isle and wanted to try it, but needed to do some
    research first. I have been heat straightening my hair for about a year and
    was thinking of giving it a rest for the summer, but my wash n go never
    lasts longer than 1 day, how long does yours last and what do you do to
    help it along??

  • Taylor Thomas

    This is my fav an only co-wash I use. Only downside is I wish they put it
    in a pump for us shower naturals lol?

  • Nikki Sweets

    I am so glad you did this video. I have the Coconut Cowash and for got
    about it. I am going to try it now. Thanks again.?

  • mimi edwards

    My sister uses it, we are both naturals, but my hair is long, coarse and
    thick, so I have a heck of a time handeling it when washing, oof! . But she
    loves the product, I should have listened. imma go get me some. thank u for
    that review!?

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