AS I AM Coconut Cowash Review

Hey guys! I wanted to review the As I Am Coconut Cowash Conditioner. I purchased this product yesterday at Sally Beauty Supply and I have to say that I am VERY impressed! It cleanses my hair and scalp nicely without drying it. It is on sale this week at Sally for .99. Ingredients: Key Ingredients: Tangerine, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Saw Palmetto and Phytosterols

24 thoughts on “AS I AM Coconut Cowash Review

  • MzOpinionated33

    What?! I have this crap.? I will NEVER repurchase this. It does not detangle my hair. Soften yes. Detangle…uh no

  • toohot27271

    I love this product so far and i love it i? tweeked it with sweet almond oil/grapeseed oil and it detangles wonderfully

  • alh777

    THANK YOU! THIS IS GREAT! I could use some advice on what products to use for dryness and frizz plus I would like? my hair to have a healthy shine to it. I use the Suave coconut conditioner and shampoo and Kera leave in conditioner. I also found the Giovonni condtioner (Target–the last one) but not the leave in conditioner. Also, I am starting to work out 5 days a week with my TWA 3B hair. Thank you….any suggestions would help. I love youtube for this type of help and knowledge!

  • Kttex2

    Someone was asking about the Sally’s coupon. It is for $5 off $25 purchase or more. I was able to pull up the code online. It is? 555168 I tried it online and it works. Hope this helps!

  • kimberly daniels

    I have used this product and I love it!!! I also use the buttercream daily? moisture and curly gel. Great products!

  • Butterflykisses2103

    Awww wish I could get jar of that jus that I’m in Australia and products for my hair soooooooo limited!?

  • Heaven1259

    Hi, I tried the Co-Wash product of As I am, I simply love it. My hair was soft and it was very easy to detangle. So, so? soft. Love It!!!!

  • Simone Crockett

    Hi jess, i’m twelve and my mom bought the curly girl book a while ago and ever since then i’ve been wanting to be a curly girl. i started watching ur videos about a week ago and really got motivated. Today i washed my hair with tresseme naturals for the first time but there aren’t really “individual” curls like yours, it’s kind of just a wavy mess, is this normal?? PLEASE HELP!!

  • naturalking215

    thanks for the review!! check out my new series!! @runway_glen was my 1st guest!! She loves your channel and went through your whole ;)?

  • GwendolynRaine

    Yup. Why would they put something meant to clean your hair in a jar?? Have you ever seen shampoo in a jar?? This stuff needs to be in a container with a pump!?

  • ghanae101

    I purchased the Sally’s discount card for five dollars which can be used for future discounted purchases! Also during the sale? they also gave me an additional dollar off!

  • beautyinallwayz

    Is this product cg friendly? I have it in my cabinet but stopped using it once i started the cg method.?

  • watchfuleye2008

    I was just at sallys? yesterday too just to look around, so that’s not weired at i was looking at this line too. Their other products are pretty pricey. Will you review their leave in? Great review! I wish it came in a bottle too..or a pump.

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