As I Am Coconut CoWash Review/demo

I love this hair product. It’s a 16 oz coconut cowash/prepoo from the As I Am product line. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it keeps my hair well conditioned. Link to their site below. Not all of their products are completely natural and most of their items are quite pricey. Thanks for Watching! Don’t forget to stop by my website where I make and sell my own stuff now. PSA was not paid or asked by them to try this product. Paid for it out of my own pocket. Giveaway closed

25 thoughts on “As I Am Coconut CoWash Review/demo

  • 3761yvette

    I love the As I Am Co-wash bring? out the natural curl pattern I love the product line my hair is soft and my curls are define.

  • 3761yvette

    I love the As I Am Co-wash? bring out the natural curl pattern I love the product line my hair is soft and my curls are define….A Naturalsista

  • DopeDomNess

    I have a mix of oils I use. I section my hair and apply? the warmed oil to my scalp and massage it in and let it sit for as long as I have time for before I wash it out

  • StormyHair

    it just holds the hair down while it’s wet, giving the hair some stretch at the? roots.

  • Buddhalocks

    For pre-pooing I use tropical traditions organic hair oils prior to rinsing it out with the help of earthbalism shampoo bar. But I would? love to try the coconut cowash because i’m want to try a more creamy based product that doesn’t make my hair feel stripped. 🙂

  • VickyVue

    Hey lady, sorry for the late response. I have been spreading the word? regarding your website on FB. Gotta put an order in once I get a gig lady lol! Love ya much for your honesty on the product you used in this vid, had been wondering about it. Thanks again!

  • StormyHair

    thanks? for spreading the word! Even though I make my own products…I still use the Coconut Cowash. I love it! Thanks for watching the video!

  • LadyBug1838

    I bought it, used it and LOVE it!!! Man, there must be some type of potion in that stuff because it coated my scalp and hair like a warm glove. May sound corny but this cowash made my head feel? wrapped in love; like it was giving me a huge hug! The end result is that my hair is so soft. I have colored my hair twice as well so a lot of procucts I used were not giving the soft feel that I was looking for. Thank you for this video again! 🙂

  • 8mossgirl

    Thanks for your products I received this week in the mail. I did a deep conditioner honey treatment with? your product. My hair felt amazing afterwards.

  • naturalrev

    I was contemplating whether or not to buy this product. You have convinced me the it is worth? trying!! Thanks for sharing…can’t wait to buy it!!

  • Rishawn Key

    This product is on Sale at Sally beauty supply for 6.99 and? there is a coupon in the flyer for a dollar off!!! A deal..and a good product!!!

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