As I Am Review: Coconut Cowash, Hydration Elation & Moisture Milk

In this video, I review a few products from the As I Am product line at Sally’s. Sign up for my weekly newsletter here:…

12 thoughts on “As I Am Review: Coconut Cowash, Hydration Elation & Moisture Milk

  • dkblck1958

    sis thanks for the review, but at those prices, I will stick with what i have….lol….with a ‘just ok’ from you, that means a no, imma pass from me….good? review queen keep up the good work

  • TheIdeabaker

    TiffyStacey, thanks for this review! I? am so with you on the coconut scented products… what is up with that? With all of the aroma’s in the world, many of us would appreciate scents other than coconut! (Not saying anything is wrong with coconut scent, but… just saying!) Great job; your hair looks very healthy. Keep it up!

  • Tiffy Stacey

    Yeah I just don’t get it the coconut smell thing. You’re right there are so many other aromas in the world! Yeah my hair is doing very well these days and w/o having a stylist to go to regularly so that says a lot! But? thanks for watching my review.

  • Tiffy Stacey

    Yeah the prices are a problem. I’m not sure if I can keep that up w/ purchasing but if my hair is responding well then I have? to do what it tells me to do even if it’s hurting my pockets. LOL! Thanks though for keeping up with watching my videos and all.

  • Tiffy Stacey

    Yeah but it’s not suppose to be used as a conditioner, at least that’s not the way it’s being marketed. It’s more of a gentle cleansing agent in a conditioning creme formula. You are suppose to follow up with the Hydration Elation which is a deep conditioner or leave-in conditioner…?

  • sporo2000

    As I Am Co Wash seems to be very popular. I don’t much hair? on my head be seeing the rave reviews it is getting makes me want to get some for my hair!!

  • Ellexis88

    Yes, I don’t get the coconut smell thing. Like its apart of so many products. I rather smell like a female (feminine scent) not a? coconut. Leave the coconut smell for dinner or Alcoholic drink.

  • ButterflyMs7

    From what I’ve learned, I think? they use coconut because coconut oil is the only oil that penetrates the hair shaft. But I do love the smell of coconut as well and I use it by itself a lot.

  • renee pierce

    Hey mz stacey, nice hair .Question wht leave in do u use? and do u spply on wet or? dry hair and do u twist it aferward? thnx

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