August Favorite Finds 2011 Favorites: DIY: Cutting Sexy Layers Shannon’s Channel: Philosophy Purity Made Simple face wash Coconut oil as a makeup remover Cover Girl Professional Super Thick Lash mascara Maybelline Master Drama Liner in MIdnight Master Posh Patina Filigrees in Hyacinth Forever 21 Dresses: (1) (2) Chainlink Trim Contrast Dress (won’t link it properly here? It’s purple on top, black on bottom. Can be found under careers) (3) (4)Contrasting Stripes Dress- won’t let me link it =( (5) I’m wearing: Nails: Jordana nail polish in Island Fuchsia (beautiful color! can only find this at K-Mart) Shirt: Target eons ago Cheeks: NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Orange with Milani Sweet Rose blush on top Lips: NYX lipliner in Natural, Stila lip gloss in Banana with NYX gloss in Beige on top

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    25 thoughts on “August Favorite Finds 2011

    • nurberxo

      @MmmKimboSlice I love the Milani for the waterline! Have you tried that? I’d be curious to know if it transfers to your contacts? I need to get some soon- blind as a bat =(

    • nurberxo

      @sudheshnam No! Don’t be jealous! Look at my high school pics on my Facebook- I promise you’ll feel better!

    • ShelbyMercedes1

      Just ordered a couple pair of earings from Kate’s shop!! Love all her stuff Thanx for her info 🙂

    • magicadespell56

      @nurberxo Nur tell your boyfriend not to pass out lol-hubby and i have done Disney’s Donald Duck Adventure for the past 18 yrs been to comic con in san diego for 15 of them. (we mostly work for a company called egmont in Denmark- they publish our stuff in over 40 languages-this past July we were invited to a all expense paid trip 2011 to the big comic con in FRANCE-so next yr we will attempt to do both-then the yr after that a show in Denmark before comic con san deigo-never like work-x shelly

    • smiah94

      @nurberxo when it arrives i’d love to hear your opinion! personally i probably won’t repurchase the NARS 😛 x

    • Christaline90

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    • ancientoraclewendy

      You may be interested in reading The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife. Not only is it amazing for your skin, it has tremendous health benefits if you use it for cooking.

    • CharlotteSophiaSF

      Wow, so you really do use the Purity One Step around your eyes? I have and love that cleanser but am totally afraid to use it to take off my eye make-up and get it in my eyes – which it will do. I’ve only ever used eye make-up remover. So no stinging? Obviously not since you’re recommending it. I guess I just answered my own question 🙂 I’ve just never used a face wash on my eyes.

    • fveles

      Hi Nur,
      I love Coconut Oil! I used for everything!
      Another nice very black retractable eye pencil is the ones from Avon. I do not spend a lot of money on eye pencil since I discovered AVON “Blackest Night” retractable eye liner. Check it out

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