Avocado & Coconut Milk Hair Mask

A nourishing, deep conditioning hair repairing mask. Which helps seal moisture to enhance the natural shine and beauty in your hair. I believe that no matter how expensive products might be they won’t have the effects of which natural ingredients have. So I usually use homemade masks (made out of scrap from here and there that I find in my own home!) Hope you guys enjoyed =D remember to hit that subscribe button and rate a good five stars! also tell me what you think about it.. much love XxHaBzYxX

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    25 thoughts on “Avocado & Coconut Milk Hair Mask

    • XxHaBzYxX

      yeah ive tried it out 3 times b4 i uploadd it.
      it really wrks very well n dnt worry hun
      it wnt do any harm 2 ur hair or anyfin
      instead it’l do wondrs!
      hpe u try it out!!

    • missbellaluvee

      okay! thank you very much hun!
      and btw, i LOVE 2NE1! but i dont know the name of the song in this video. do you mind telling me what it is?

    • XxHaBzYxX

      hehe! the song is calld ‘Fire’
      but this is a instrumental
      – the actual song is really nice!
      chek it out!

    • makeupbykatief

      your hair looks so pretty
      i cant believe how shiny it looks!
      im going to try this as soon as i can
      thanks so much 🙂

    • XxHaBzYxX

      @rawrrBrendaa if ur hair is clean alredy (as in no hairspray, clay, wax, gel ect.) but if u do hav all dat in der, den u need 2 wash it 1st den apply it! x

    • lizvandort666

      i just used coconut cream on its own for a couple of hours before washing my hair, and my hair feels really really soft, you cant go wrong with coconut

      i would use avocado but im allergic to it, but great video 🙂

    • lizvandort666

      @missbellaluvee dont worry as long as it’s natural such as coconut, eggs etc your hair will be fine, also check youre not allergic to anything, its the chemicals in products that we think are good for us that damages out hair, and also burns a hole in our wallets

    • dianacarolinar

      WOOWWW you have amazing hair!! I have to ask . do you dye it? it has a beautiful color …..I died mine (which was healthy and shiny – all natural) and my hair has gone frm perfect to rough and dry and horrible°!!!!!! pleas help! Ive tried everything!!!how do you take care of it?

    • XxHaBzYxX

      @dianacarolinar thnx! my hair was dyed in that pic (my actual hair is a very dark brown near to black) but it depends on wot colour ur natural hair is & wot colour u dyed it to.. cud u message me & tell me evrything & i’l be happy 2 giv u advise! xx

    • snowinghappiness

      @rawrrBrendaa last night, i applied egg yolk & mayonaisse to my dry hair, i had no avocado or cocnut milk but will try that next time, i let it sit for like an hour went to shampoo it out, then i applied conditioner to about the bottom half of my hair all night, wrapped in seran wrap then i put a towel to really heat it up in there & i kid you not, my split ends are like gone, amazing and i applied it dry hair

    • bubigurl234

      OK the 2ne1 fire was just so unexpected..i was thinkin maybe michelle phan music lol
      but yeah Kudos for making this Vid <3

    • XxHaBzYxX

      @inuyashainuyasha honestly i ddnt straighten my hair in dat pic, as u can see its a lil frizzy bt if u wna kno wot straightnr i normly use it wud be the nicky clarke salon professional straightner! x

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