Banaban-Virgin-Coconut-Oil-Nature’s-own-Botox – Interview 3

In this interview Stacey King answers some of the most asked questions regarding Banaban range of body and massage oils. She also offers some great beauty tips for women on the best way to use the oil. As she states, ‘virgin coconut oil is nature’s own botox… forget spending all your money on expensive face creams, nature already has the answer.’ Stacey King is one of the founders of Nature Pacific Pty Ltd, a joint Australia-Fiji venture that producers Fiji grown Virgin Coconut Oil and a range of natural virgin coconut oil products which includes body, hair and skin products, massage oils and even Nature’s Pet Care range. Nature Pacific http:

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    3 thoughts on “Banaban-Virgin-Coconut-Oil-Nature’s-own-Botox – Interview 3

    • NaturePacific

      This question from June, Sth Aust:

      My daughter told me about your site, which is fantastic.

      My question please, just having watched some of your excellent videos, I wondered how to use the solid coconut oil on the face in the morning & night?

      In the past I have just taken a handful until it melts into my hands, then just put it all on my face.

      I do believe I was putting far too much on, as sometimes it got in my eyes.
      Thank you, June

    • NaturePacific

      @NaturePacific Hi! Our 125ml bottle fits nicely in a coffee cup of warm water. I do this before I step into the shower. VCO is lovely and warm and absorbs straight away. If you get a build up of oil you are putting on to much so adjust the amount to suit your own skin type. I wipe the excess oil off first on the top of my hands and then apply it to my face. At night I put much more on. Putting solid VCO on your hand to melt first is a great idea as it quickly melts with your body temperature.

    • NaturePacific

      Reply June, St Aust
      Dear Stacey,
      Many thanks for your reply, very soon I will order your smaller bottles of VCO, that sounds a great idea.I found your videos full of helpful information, a very sincere thankyou.
      I have learnt many things from your excellent site thank you.

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