Beautiful Hair Secret=Coconut Oil

I love Coconut Oil. It’s one of my favorite beauty secrets. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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    25 thoughts on “Beautiful Hair Secret=Coconut Oil

    • casagrandecats

      hi, thanks for your vid. I bought coconut oil from austrailia, but it is liquid. I use it once a week on my hair and scalp, where a snood to bed and then shampoo in the morning. wow, has my hair grown since the summer. I also take vit b biotin. my hair is now like silk. I am on a long hair journey, I am 70 years old.

    • missmarisela2006

      Extra virgin olive oil penetrates as well. When i had a perm I liked to put it on the ends of my hair

    • rocargena1

      hi.. i use coconut oil too because my hair is dry. i use it liquid, but i just notice it remains dry though it’s silky smooth. i really have a very unruly hair.. coz of desperation, i just had my hair rebonded. can i still use coconut oil? how do i make it healthy still naturally?

    • Verinoca82

      hi, thank you for your video. i use my coconut oil warm. i heat it up and then i put the warm oil from the ends of my hair to the top. and in the end i massage it as well. i keep it for one hour on my head and then i wash it out. i do this once a week. my hair is oily on the top so i cant use this more than once a week. but the ends are very dry. and when i do this my hair shines and looks healthy. i definitely love this oil! 🙂

    • ccmuffingirll


      I tried using refined coconut oil before, and I ended up breaking out in itchy bumps on my scalp and neck. But when I switched to virgin coconut oil I experienced none of those problems. In fact, I even use occasionally as a face and skin moisturizer during colder weather and no break-outs :).

    • 41184140

      well I have indian descendents, and we all know Indians care alot about hair, my hair is like 50 cm but it’s curly, does that coconut oil makes it shiny or it’s cool for health?
      Btw I’m a male o.O

    • eleanorayoulateagain

      Your hair is stunning!!! I am using a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil on my hair right now. Leaving it on for a few hours and then will wash it out and then condition. 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

    • eleanorayoulateagain

      I did the coconut oil treatment yesterday — I mixed it with a little avocado and olive oil. I left it on for eight hours.

      And let me tell you, today, my hair looks FABULOUS and is the softest it has ever been! I will keep this regimen up every week from now on!

      Thank you so much for sharing this video!! 🙂

    • ragigyp

      Someone please help! I have been using cocobut oil on my hair for nearly three months now and my hair is turning red. This is not what I expected and I do not like red hair. What can I do to reverse this? I did research on coconut oil and found out that it can DARKEN hair not lighten it before I started this treatment. I also found out that it can stop hair loss and promote hair growth. But I did not find anywhere that it can cause reddness of the hair. Help!

    • Yuffie3982

      @ragigyp, I have yet to hear of THAT happening before. Are you sure that you are using actual coconut oil?

    • tytytystarty

      It may be something else you are puttingin your hair. Are you sure it doesn’t have henna in it? Henna is a dye that doesnt look red and can turn the hair red. check your other hair products. Hope this helps.:)

    • g4ready

      yes big hugs back to you too … you have a luscious length to your hair … i have just started with olive oil on my hair instead of suave [synthetic] conditioner, and i have seen a difference in 2 days already. i will be stepping up to virgin coconut oil in about a week ..

      anything you put on your hair or skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream so its important to not use anything for beauty or haircare that you wouldnt want to eat..

      and coconut oil is one of the best oils to cook with..

    • laineswaby1036

      @g4ready this is true, you should try not to use anything on your skin that you wouldnt eat 😀

    • laineswaby1036

      @ragigyp are you sure its the oil that’s turning it red? Are you using any other products that may cause this??? This sounds quite strange to me.

    • luvlyjasmin

      Hi DE! Thanks for the amazing tips! How often should you use this? Or use it right before you wash your hair? Thanks in advance!

    • nikknikk19

      @eleanorayoulateagain what kind of coconut oil b/c extra virgin dried my hair out after 2 days

    • morphidae

      I’ve been using shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil on my hair for more than 7 months now and my hair is more than perfect!! I actually got rid of my damaged ends (well, actually it was damaged half its lenght) I have dark hair and it seems darker than ever. Make sure you’re using pure coconut oil. It should look like butter, not like oil. You should try making it at home. That’s how I get it. It’s quite simple… The only one I have to buy is Shea butter.

    • ragigyp

      Thanks for the reply to you and the others who replied with their helpful hints. I have started using organic extra virgin coconut oil and the redness has definitely disappeared. Where do you get shea butter for hair? How can you make it? I also prefer dark hair over light hair and would not mind using those two products.

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