Beauty Benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair

MORE INFO HERE: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil offers many benefits! This is a great moisturizer, hair treatment, anti-aging treatment, eye makeup remover and also treats conditions such as; eczema, psoriasis and even acne! You can find virgin coconut oil at any health food store and online. For more info on the benefits of coconut oil, please see the links listed below. Websites about coconut oil benefits: Check out my friends channels here: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on twitter: Check out my beautylish profile: For business inquiries or if you wanna chat contact me at:

22 thoughts on “Beauty Benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair

  • Gigzy21

    Oh no I know the kind you have can? be used for skin and hair, etc as well (I have the exact same stuff brand and all in my kitchen). I was just mentioning that the extra virgin non refined has a few stronger benefits only because it’s in its purest form. 🙂 but yes both can be used and are awesome! U look beautiful!

  • LetitiaLaura

    Can you suggest a different brand other than the one I showed in my video? Some people say they can smell the coconut when they apply it and I can’t smell anything with this one! Lol! I mean I guess that’s nice? for some people that don’t like a scent, but I love coconut scents.

  • LetitiaLaura

    Most definitely!? I actually already have a tutorial with this look under my videos. Its called “JLO GLOW.” The quality is not good, but its still watchable. I need to make an updated one. Hopefully I can soon. Thanks for watching:)

  • LetitiaLaura

    Oh? wait do you mean the look in the thumbnail pic or in my video? Ha ha! Sorry I am a bit of a buffy sometimes! Ha ha!!

  • MyMaxKali

    I use it every day on my dry skin. Doesn’t clog my pores & it moisturizes & plumps up my skin. I actually mentioned it in a vid of mine about my skin care a few months ago.? I think a lot of people are afraid to try oils but certain ones can do some amazing things! Its all about doing your research! Your skin looks great hun!

  • LetitiaLaura

    I totally agree! Thank you so much! Going to check out your video!? I really love this stuff too and my skin looks a lot better since I started using it. I love that you only need a little bit. A little goes a long way! Thank you again! (((Hugs)))

  • GlossAndGlitz

    Oh my? gosh brilliant!! Thank you for this review! I knew the internal health benefits of it but not for acne/face!! I am so trying this….! =)

  • Gigzy21

    The Extra Virgin Coconut oil I use is Nature’s Way EfaGold. I also have the exact same kind as you (Spectrum). The virgin refined coconut oil won’t have much of a prominent coconut smell or flavor because it isn’t in it’s purest non refined form. You get much stronger scent and flavor from the EVCO. Ik there? are other great brands, but those are the two I own atm 🙂 Whole Foods is where I got mine.

  • missxkrystle

    Thanks for this wonder tip. I went to check out Imani and you’re absolutely right. She’s? amazing so I subscribed. I let her know you sent me, and I’m so sorry I just realized I spelled your name wrong. 🙁 lol

  • LetitiaLaura

    Awesome!!! Thank you so much! I am definitely going to? look these up and buy some! 🙂

  • LetitiaLaura

    Awe its ok? hun don’t worry about it. And yes Imani is amazing! She is my fave! Thank you:)

  • KlayerD

    Wow! Defo gonna get some? of this =] iv been using the body shop vitamin e but am near the end of the tiny tub

  • LetitiaLaura

    Its is the best! Try to get extra virgin coconut oil. It has a lot more benefits for your skin. Thank you for? watching!:)

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