Beauty Benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Check my blog: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has many amazing health benefits. It is a fantastic addition to your diet and can also be used in your beauty routine. I like to use this as a moisturizer, hair treatment, and as an eye makeup remover. You can get coconut oil at natural health food/vitamin stores. You can also buy it online. It is available at and and probably many other places. There are many websites that review the benefits of incorporating coconut oil into your health/beauty routines. Check out

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    25 thoughts on “Beauty Benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    • MDesigner

      @gojiberries1 Completely false. Saturated fats can never be turned into trans fats, only unsaturated fats can. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

    • Ronnock

      @MDesigner I actually think that’s what he was implying. He didn’t say “saturated” fats he said “oils.” However, that is a bit vague, but one can assume based on the context of his discourse in relation to the video, he probably meant that unsaturated fats (e.g., poly and mono) turn into trans fats.

    • MDesigner

      @Ronnock He said coconut oil (which is a saturated fat) can turn into trans fat.. that part is false.

    • Ronnock

      @MDesigner Ah, I see where the miscommunication lays in then. Thanks for clarifying. It’s funny, even after watching the video I still couldn’t make the connection that Coconut Oil (being solid at room temperature) is a saturated fat. Heheh, I should’ve known better. Thanks.

    • leahanna412003

      I had to laugh….melted it in the Microwave??????? Folks, that kitchen appliance is the DEATH of food….any food. The research has shown that heating in the microwave, even for short periods, changes the molecular structure of the food. This is true for water as well. When they microwaved water and let it cool to room temp., they watered house plants with it. Needless to say, the houseplants that got the microwaved water, did die. So I would not suggest putting Coconut oil in there.

    • leahanna412003

      @chloe272 Actually, no it isn’t. And the lady that showed the one from Walmart, isn’t good either. When they switched brands there, I looked at the label and it contained ‘part soybean oil.’ OMG, I put it back. I only buy the one from Tropical Traditions. Theirs is pressed by hand, the old fashioned way, even though they do have one for less that is expeller pressed. But I like the Gold Label Virgin CC oil. I also buy the Tropical Traditions Pure, Raw Organic Honey. OMG!! SO GREAT! They’re on FB

    • leahanna412003

      @dcchung86 I’ve tried a lot of them, and like I told chloe272, I only get the Tropical Traditions Brand Gold Label Virgin. You can find them on FaceBook with links to their site. GREAT site with all kinds of organic stuff. Raw, unprocessed, Organic Honey that will totally knock your socks off. 1/2 teaspoon in a cup of tea because it’s sweeter than any sugar. So you get the ‘real deal’ from this company and they run lots of specials. I won’t buys this stuff anywhere else.

    • lilacs1986

      wow i will have to try this, I have a really hard time with eyemakeup removers because every one i have tried no matter how much it cost has burned and irritated my eyes I cant wait to give this a try!

    • CurtiBurty94

      Thanks, nice video.. See this is why I love watching reviews made by women and not men.. Men just ramble on.. :’P

    • mandarincutlert

      You happen to be somewhat gorgeous, many thanks for the video playback. it happens to be miserable i’m located within Worley mainly because i can’t end up getting quality makeup, but i get 100 percent free cosmetic samples through “GratisMakeupSamples”. i love Max factor cosmetics!

    • peugeotarto

      is it better to clean the face before puttng coconut oil on it? is it also suitable for men skin because mine s dry?

    • TheSilverLining80

      @peugeotarto Yes, apply to clean skin. It’s definitely suitable for men as well.

    • degenerate82

      One of the best products that few know about. I’ve used it for over a year (I’m male), and if you condition with it even once a week your hair will be really smooth and shiny after little time. Woman in the video stands out to me, most do not have shiny hair or healthy skin these days. A lot of that is because more are going with advertised hair products instead of cheaper and better natural ones. It also can be used to make a great chapstick. I’m rambling a bit but I clearly like EVCO.

    • ElleNuMi

      Coconut oil is the only oil that is proven to penetrate the hair strand and moisturize the hair. Shampooing it out isn’t the best thing to do. if you want to wash it out, condition wash your hair. Shampooing it is striping you hair of moisture. I love coconut oil so much! your skin is so pretty because of it. 🙂

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