Beauty Hacks: Fail or Holy Grail? ? Coconut Oil | Ellko

REQUEST A HACK! — Thumbs up for coconut oil! I’ve started a series where I test out Pinterest Beauty Hacks. Let’s find out to…

22 thoughts on “Beauty Hacks: Fail or Holy Grail? ? Coconut Oil | Ellko

  • Haffina

    I think the fact that you can eat these hacks makes them awesome, at least
    you know it isn’t toxic LOL I’m now looking around to see where I can buy
    me some coconut oil!?

  • Niki Murphy

    I seriously love these videos! edible version!!! hahaha. I need to get
    coconut oil, im convinced!!?

  • midwestbeautybabe

    I’m obsessed with these videos!! They’re so fun!

    Congrats on almost 1k subscribers!! 🙂 ?

  • Anya Marie

    This is one of my favorite YouTube series ever! I absolutely love coconut
    oil for makeup removal and hair masks. I should try out the body scrub for
    sure. Thanks for testing all of these out and sharing!?

  • makeup momma

    I love love love coconut oil. I just took my makeup off with it like 10
    mins ago. It would have worked better for the makeup if you had let it melt

  • Danielle McDonald

    I use coconut oil daily for a variety of things. One thing to remember is a
    tiny bit goes a long way. For example, on your hair no more than the size
    of a pea smoothed into your hands and then smoothed on your hair. To remove
    your makeup don’t use the cotton round because it soaks it up. Put about a
    teaspoon between your hands, soften it, then massage all over your face.
    The makeup melts off. Then either wash with a cleanser or wipe off.?

  • CutieFish

    I loooove the smell of coconut oil but I’ve never used it for any of these!
    I definitely have to try them, i really want to try deep conditioning my
    hair with it! Fab video as usual beaut xx?

  • BalkanPrinc3ss

    I love coconut Oil it’s good for my stretch marks after having a baby its
    also good for a variety of things, good video I hope your doing well how’s
    that diva ring light? ?

  • commonfaithz

    I’m getting some cuz my skin this winter has been dry an I’ll get some for
    my dad also. New subscriber?

  • A1nettie 2.0

    I made a body scrub before, but not with coconut oil cause I didn’t have
    any at the time. Do not use Olive oil! I smelled horribly rancid. Nothing
    like trying to do something to beautify yourself and people say :What is
    that smell?” LOL I am still soaking that jar in soapy water!!!! LOL ?

  • Crystal Henderson

    I have psoriasis as well! It’s worst on my scalp, but I get patches behind
    my ears and on my elbows now as well (boo!). I have only ever used
    prescription stuff to treat it (once the OTC remedies like tar shampoo
    stopped being effective) but I’m totally going to try the coconut oil since
    my dermatologist doesn’t want me to keep using the topical steroid on my
    scalp anymore.?


    I love coconut oil! I use it on my feet to smooth out any dry skin with
    fuzzy socks overnight. Caution: coconut oil stains sheets and does not come
    out. I also use it at the ends of my hair and it works great for dry hair.
    Of course to remove makeup and it helped my eyebrows grow thicker when
    applying nightly! Love it!!?

  • Lea Al

    First of all, i really like that you put a lot of effort in this video, i
    just looked up “coconut oil” on youtube, and stumbled across your video.
    you seem to be a very veeeery loveable person, really happy and funny. I
    really enjoyed watching your video.
    Anyways, i bought some coconut oil yesterday since i have really dry hair
    and skin and all that stuff – and i just have one question: you think i can
    use coconut oil as a moisturizer even though i have acne prone skin?

    I’d love to hear from you,
    You have a new subscriber now,

    -Lea, Germany ?

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