Beauty & Health Benefits of Coconut Oil!! Miracle Product!

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25 thoughts on “Beauty & Health Benefits of Coconut Oil!! Miracle Product!

  • mamichula8153

    refined coconut oil loses the smell, orgaic unrefined is the real deal- and it has that delicious? smell!

  • mamichula8153

    Oh so many, I use it to cook veggies, eggs, protiens, in smoothies, alone….possibilities are endless! Anything? you would use butter or oil on!

  • TheShonny12

    Great video! You can also add a tbs of coconut oil to your cake mix and it makes it? really moist and yummy!

  • Misana

    Caribbean. Got a coconut tree in my yard. lol. 🙂 but that’s not where I get? the oil from hahaha.

  • Rosie Rambles

    Love this. I also? use coconut oil. My mom used to make it from scratch from actual coconuts. Although it’s a fat, it acts like a carbohydrate and your body breaks it down much faster, hence a faster metabolism and it doesn’t get stored like regular fat. Good tips, chica.

  • DulceEcua

    For the hair mask do u use the? whole egg or just the whites? Could u make a video!! Ty for the tip …. Xoxo

  • nprat2

    Coconut oil is the best! **IMPORTANT** If you are? using it on your face make sure it is Extra Virgin, hexane free, and cold pressed! Refined oils often have chemicals added during the processing stage that strip away many of the key nutrients and irritate the skin, while non-refined are minimally processed and retain all their natural nutrients. I use organic Nutiva from Whole Foods as a makeup remover and face/body moisturizer. I have yet to use it on my hair, but I hear it works wonders 🙂

  • Farawla11223344

    what Do use to make your skin body to stay one
    and want video to? care for your skin and hair

  • Prayaga Anu

    Hey you can try this mask and make a video darling! warm coconut oil, chickpea flour, and turmeric! This mask is very good for reducing dark spots, acne, and to improve complexion! You try and i sure you will notice the difference! 100% natural. And make a video. love? you pretty women!

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