Beauty Tip – Coconut Oil, a billion uses!

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25 thoughts on “Beauty Tip – Coconut Oil, a billion uses!

  • MsJenkneeOH3

    I Looked forward to your family vlogs 🙁 sad to see it go. But family is always first, that’s very understandable. Hope your family is well. Lots of love :)?

  • Sklyn6

    I love using coconut oil for a lot of things but I have noticed that, for myself, I have a slight allergic reaction when I use it on my skin. Especially on skin that is most sensitive, like around my eyes and my armpits. (You may be saying, “Your Armpits?” I used to use it in a homemade deodorant which is a GREAT deodorant and it makes me sad I can’t use it any more) Just wanted to warn people to do a patch test before using? it all over their skin is all because coconut oil is fabulous!

  • Sklyn6

    The recipe to the deodorant with Coconut oil is (in case you are curious) equal parts Baking? Soda and Cornstarch and enough Coconut oil to make a paste. You can add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s) and put it in a jar or an empty deodorant container. Coconut oil is great for deodorant because it has antibacterial properties which combates the bad smell you get when you sweat.

  • naturesknockout

    Thanks so much,? we actually did a demo of this on the morning news a couple of months ago. But we also used salt…….we’ll plan to do a video on it soon, but we LOVE the homemade deodorant better than most! thx!! 🙂

  • naturesknockout

    Great point–as? great as it is, there will always be someone who will have a reaction. So we totally agree, patch tests are smart when you introduce anything new, especially if you tend to have sensitivities. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • acamilet26

    Hey Tiff, I would love an update on those corsets you used after pregnancy. You? look great! Just wondering if you noticed a difference.

  • Laloni Pop

    I respect that u put ur family first but as a public figure who relies on fans to rate, comment,? view and subscribe; it felt like a hand to the face for ur lack of respect to our loyalty to u and ur family

  • Laloni Pop

    It’s been a long time since but alot of? people are still shocked, hurt and even resentment over ur display of carelessness for our feelings =0(

  • GodsJunebug

    I just love your video’s! you are such a sweet and happy person its really a? blessing to see the happiness you pour out in all your video’s

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