Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Nature’s Way Coconut Oil ( off coupon below) makeup remover face moisturizer eye cream spot treatment body moisturizer shave cream c…

24 thoughts on “Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

  • Erin Wilbers

    YAY LOVE Coconut oil….just went on a trip to San Fran and brought that as
    my moisturizer, makeup remover, and eye cream as well!! ITS THE BEST 🙂 ?

  • Ivy hurd

    My dermatologist told me to stop using coconut oil as a moisturizer because
    coconut oil is not close to the oil that your skin makes naturally so it
    can cause breakouts over time. I had been using it as my after shower
    lotion for months and she showed me on by body where I had broken out
    because of it. She recommends using things that are close to what the skin
    makes naturally such as Cetaphil and Cerave. ?

  • Rosy Ruiz

    I love using essential oils on my face but living in Florida during the day
    makes it quiet difficult. How do you manage to using it during the day? ?

  • Erin Turner

    I love love love coconut oil! I have done two posts on it (50 uses for
    coconut oil and 50 more uses for coconut oil). I guess you could say that
    I am kind of obsessed. :)?

  • Beautyosaurus Lex

    Great video! I LOVE coconut oil for so many uses, taking my eye makeup off
    is one of my favorite uses 🙂 Lovely video Kendra!?

  • hpita103

    Going to try the makeup remover idea. I don’t a remover and its a pain to
    get off without one. Thanks:)?

  • venturadiaz

    you are so pretty..!! I use it for a lot of things too. Will try it as
    shaving cream. thanks for sharing.?

  • Nicole Deitz

    Not good to use if you have fine hair even if I wash it off my hair is
    still greasy so use sparingly and don’t use on the roots?

  • InspiredGlam

    I loveee Coconut Oil too! I posted a video on my top 10 uses of it! i cant
    get enough :)?

  • Renata Delamano

    I love coconut oil!!!
    I Always use it as hair mask and sometimes as a face moisturizer at night.
    And it smells soooo good! My husband likes the smell too =)
    The newest use for me is oil pulling. I still don’t know the results cause
    I’ve just started doing it.?

  • Kayli Harig

    I love using coconut oil in the shower as a shaving cream! It’s so great! I
    put it all over my body, not just where I’m shaving. It’s a life saver!!?

  • Jenny Ng

    I always fall asleep watching your videos in bed, you must have a really
    soothing voice! And it also means I always end up wagching your videos
    twice lol?

  • Amanda S

    I love using it as a hydrating lip and body scrub with some brown sugar! I
    get the unrefined coconut oil and they smell really good together :)?

  • Emily Sadlow

    Inspired by your video and just picked up some coconut oil today! Can’t
    wait to use it for all of the ways you suggested! Thanks! XOXO?

  • Lizzie Lou

    I’m curious if you put the coconut oil on your face will it make you

  • FromBrainsToBeauty

    You totally just sold me on coconut oil. Everyone always talks about it,
    but I haven’t taken the plunge. I have so much makeup remover left. When I
    run out, I’ll get some oil.?

  • Erin Kimmel

    You look cute in your glasses!! I wear glasses most days, contacts bother
    me for work because I read a lot. Do you ever do your makeup when you wear
    glasses? Would love some tips!?

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