6 thoughts on “beauty uses for coconut oil

  • kelliraes

    Extra Virgin Coconut oil is the only thing that has alleviated my dry, cracked hands and cuticles. I LOVE it! Thanks for the great review : )

  • laughsdaily

    Thanks!… to start off I am going to try this as a eye makeup remove and for lips/nails… <3

  • avidnaomi

    I use it for my hair & scalp. I put it in my hair and french braid and go to bed. I honestly dont have any issue with it getting all over my pillowcase or making me feel oily, amazingly. And I dont even have to shampoo the next day, just cowashing with conditioner seems to be enough. Sometimes I use it for styling in place of a shine serum – it makes my hair sooo shiny and helps with frizz. I dont use heat after, I just put it on dry hair. guess my hair just sucks it up! Thanks for posting!

  • nursetre1

    I tried argon oil and it stinks and it makes my hair completely greasy! I can’t wait to try this. Thanks so much S!!!

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