Benefits of Coconut – Coconut benefits for good health

Benefits of coconut – – There are many benefits of coconut usage in our daily lives. Coconut is indispensable in gluten free baking and cooking. Most nut allergy sufferers, not all, are okay with coconut. Interestingly enough, coconut allergy is one of the top 5 allergies in India where it is used widely. But it is pretty rare in the US, UK and Australia. The current favorite of all coconut products is virgin coconut oil. All you need is four tablespoons a day of this saturated fat for healthy hair and nails and to clear up acne. It boosts up energy levels so you move about a lot more, getting things done, and so increases metabolic rate. The end result is weight loss! Virgin coconut oil also stabilizes blood sugar levels which means no more sugar spikes. Now, let’s move onto, coconut milk. You get this in cans, packs or in a dehydrated form which can be reconstituted with water. Coconut milk is not the same as coconut cream. It is the coconut extract from the white meat of the coconut. It is used a lot in asian cuisines, mainly in desserts. Coconut milk can be used in egg free and dairy free cake recipes to replace water. It enriches the flavor and adds moistness to baked goods. If you like the taste of coconut milk straight up, you can use it in coffee lattes in place of milk. Delicious! Coconut flour is the ground meal made from the dehydrated, white meat of the coconut, from which the fat has been removed. It is a high protein flour which